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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How can I apply to be a part of one of your shows? If you’re interested in being a part of any one of my shows, click here to fill out a casting registration form. Good luck!

Q. How long do the renovations take on the shows? Renovations generally take about 3-4 weeks and the homeowners need to be available for camera for approximately 4- 8 days.

Q. Where can I find a list of the products and services you use on your shows? Please go to the Episode Guide section of my website which gives you access to a guide for each individual episode. On each guide you’ll find a link to a “source guide”. You can also check out my new Design Gallery for inspirational room pictures – see all of the rooms we’ve designed over the seasons.

Q. Do the homeowners on your shows get to keep the furniture? Usually, no. Unless it’s a furnished, executive rental, the furniture and artwork are just used for staging. We do give homeowners photos of the staged space to use in their rental listings.

Q. What software program do you use to draft your floor plans on the show? All of our original floor plans and layouts are created using AutoCAD. For each episode, our plans are animated by a graphics company who works in partnership with my production company.

Q. Where can I watch past episodes of Income Property? You can watch online from Canada and the USA. Enjoy!

Renovation & Design

Q. Can I hire you to work on my property or consult with me on a project? Any extra time I have after shooting various shows, writing for national publications, managing my properties, and running a real estate coaching company goes to my family… sorry, I’m unavailable to take on any individual projects.

Q. Can you recommend a contractor in my area? I get an overwhelming amount of requests for recommendations for tradespeople, and while I can’t suggest an individual contractor in your area, I do have some information about how to hire a renovation team on my website that you might find helpful.

Real Estate Investing

Q. How can I get involved in real estate investing? Congratulations on making the decision! Real estate is a big topic, with lots of different avenues to explore. Check out my Keyspire website to get started.

Q. Can I rent one of your apartments? Unfortunately, we do not provide a listing of units for rent. Your best bet is to look at MLS or other reputable rental listing sites for available units in your area.

Contacting Scott

Q. Are you available to speak and/or make an appearance at my event? For endorsement and personal appearance/speaking requests, please use the contact form found here.

Q. How do I contact you about an idea, suggestion, or content? Click here to submit your ideas, suggestions, or content however, please do not submit any information unless it is your intent to give me it unconditionally. While I value your enthusiasm, I am unable to accept any information that you provide if it contains any obligation or limitation whatsoever. Please read my terms for further details.