Real Estate Flipping Back – CNBC Squawk Box Interview

Scott joins anchor Joe Kernen of CNBC’s Squawk Box morning show to discuss whether flipping real estate is just a fad.

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Squawk Box is CNBC’s “must see”…

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Scott’s Best Wish-List Home Buys on Marilyn Denis

Scott visits Marilyn Denis on set to reveal the best home buys for the viewer’s top home must-haves and shares  his 5 favorite things to finding your dream home.

Watch: “A Wish List…

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Real-Estate Downsizing – Scott’s Style at Home ‘Dollars & Sense’ Feature Column

In this month’s Dollars & Sense column, Scott McGillivray shares helpful tips you need to consider before making the big decision to downsize.   Scott reveals the 3 W’s of downsizing – who,…

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Scott McGillivray Real Estate Investment Show

Real Estate Investment Show

The Real Estate Investment Show (REIS) is the ultimate meeting place for existing and aspiring real estate investors interested in building wealth through real estate.  Over 5000 people came out for the…

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Scott Mcgillivray on Costco Cover

Ruler of Real Estate, The Costco Connection

Scott graces the cover of this edition of Costco’s Connection Magazine and is interviewed by Costco’s Chris Powell for a feature story about his building blocks for success, tips for getting the…

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