5 Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

April 1, 2019 | Category: Design & Renovations

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Cabinets are the backbone of the kitchen, and choosing the right kitchen cabinets requires a deep understanding of your household’s needs.

Stock vs. Custom

The first thing is to decide whether you want custom cabinets, stock cabinets, or something in between. Sometimes this decision will be dictated by price, sometimes by lifestyle, and sometimes by the needs of your specific kitchen.

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One of the biggest complaints people have about their kitchens is lack of storage. When planning the layout and deciding whether to go with stock or custom kitchen cabinets ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your current kitchen cluttered? If so is it due to lack of storage or simply not being organized? If it’s a matter of disorganization will inserts such as cutlery dividers, spice racks and pull out shelves help?
  • Are you a cabinet person or a drawer person? When it comes to the lowers you’ll have to decide which suits you best. Cabinets usually cost less but drawers tend to be more useful.
  • Where will your garbage and recycling go? If you want it hidden away, make sure there’s enough room for the containers and they’re positioned in an easy-to-access spot.
  • Do you have small appliances that could be hidden away or built-in as opposed to going on the counter?
  • What items get the most use and can they be easily accessed?

In many cases, it can be a good idea to map out where everything will go in the finished kitchen so that you can ensure you’ve got enough storage.

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Door Style

There’s a door style to fit everyone’s taste, whether it’s modernclassic, or something in between. If you’re going with custom cabinets you can choose pretty much anything, whereas semi-custom will have fewer options. With stock what you see is what you get. When making a decision about door styles consider not just the look you want in the kitchen, but the style of the rest of the home. Even if the kitchen is a completely self-contained room it’s still important for it to connect to the rest of the home so that rooms flow together.

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Solid wood, laminate, paint – these are just a few of the finishes available. Like with door styles, the color and finish you choose should reflect your personal style and compliment the other colors and materials in the room (such as the floors and countertops). It’s also important to think about the return on investment. As a rule, it’s best not to go with anything too trendy as it can become dated. In kitchens, light neutrals and classic wood finishes are usually best for either maintaining or increasing the value of your home.

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No matter what kitchen cabinets you choose, the hardware provides the finishing touch that can either dress it up or dress it down. As a general rule, you want the hardware to align with the style of the cabinet doors. For example, on a sleek cabinet door, you want simple knobs and pulls with a clean silhouette. However, with that said, you can also create a striking look by juxtaposing the simple with the extravagant. And don’t forget about the hinges. If you’ve chosen a cabinet style with exposed hinges they should be the same finish as the rest of the hardware.

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Photos courtesy of Aya Kitchens and Berenson Hardware

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