How to Install a Door Lite

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A door lite adds light and possibly ventilation (if it’s not a fixed pane) to meet light and ventilation requirements when necessary.  It also makes a space brighter and bigger feeling. Some come with decorative designs and some even come with an internal blind if privacy is an issue.

Door Lites

If you’re replacing an existing lite it’s a fairly easy DIY project, but if it requires cutting into steel it gets a bit more complicated. If you’re not comfortable using a jigsaw consider hiring a professional. And always use extreme caution when handling large pieces of glass.

Replacing an Existing Door Lite

DIY level = Easy

Number of people required = 2


Scott Installing Door Lite

Installing a Door Lite in a Solid Door

DIY level = Moderate

Number of people required = 2

Always follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions as their recommendations may vary based on the product model.

Door Lite 1



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