Showers and Tubs, Pros and Cons

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Shower/tub combinations are the most common type of fixture you’ll see in household bathrooms. This is because they’re practical, they’re efficient, and they give you the option of taking either a long bath or a quick shower. However there are some cons as well. While they’re practical for families with young kids, they can pose difficulties for older people or those with mobility problems.

While the shower/tub has been popular for a long time, the latest trend in bathroom renovations is to do away with the combo and replace it with a freestanding tub and a separate glass panelled shower. If you have the space and the budget I say go for it, as you get the best of both worlds. But the reality is that many bathrooms can’t accommodate this layout, and many people’s budgets just can’t handle it. So the questions for these people is: bath, shower or both?

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Bathtub and Shower Pros and Cons

If you’re renovating your bathroom and trying to decide what to do about the shower/tub situation consider some of the pros and cons.

Bathtub Pros


Bathtub Cons


Shower Pros


Shower Cons


Bath vs Shower – When It Comes to ROI, Which is Better?

In the majority of homes the shower gets used far more than the tub, and as a result there’s a trend towards getting rid of tubs completely and instead going for spacious, stand up shower stalls. While this might suit your personal tastes, it’s not a great idea when it comes to ROI. Before you rip out your tub give some serious thought to the types of buyers who might be interested in buying your property down the line. If it’s empty nesters or the elderly you’re probably ok, but if it’s more likely to be a family you need to have a tub. My advice is that you should always have at least one tub in the house.


Bathtubs and showers are the most important part of the bathroom to do right. When either one of these things is installed incorrectly the consequences can be devastating. For more information about installing tubs and showers check out chapter 3 of my book How to Add Value to Your Home.



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