A Visit to the Farm: Where Does Food Come From?

Good to Grow follows Scott McGillivray as he and his family prep, plant, and harvest their fourth-annual organic vegetable garden. Scott shares his passion for gardening as he tries to make healthy food and healthy eating exciting to his young daughters. Each episode follows the growth of the family’s seasonal garden and reveals Scott’s tips and tricks for the perfect crop.

In this episode Scott and Sabrina take Myah and Layla for a visit to Riga farms where they learn about growing (and eating!) strawberries, stevia and mint.

What good is growing fruits and veggies if you’re not going to eat them? Every week Scott tries a new recipe using some of the foods he learned about in the episode. This week Scott and Myah make a sweet and (very) simple summer treat. Click on the image to see the recipe.

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Did You Know?

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