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Scott’s House Call: Violet

Violet is the Scott family’s resident artist, and she’s been spreading her artistic vision throughout the house since she was “just a kid”. One of her favorite canvases? Her bedroom wall, which is home to a “multi-media” mural she’s been haphazardly working on for the last few years.

Now that she’s a little older and a little more mature, this almost-9-year-old has turned her attention to more appropriate canvases. But the evidence of her earlier exploits in nail polish and marker remain. Now Violet needs Scott’s help to give her an age-appropriate room where she can grow her artistic potential without doing any permanent damage!


Do you know someone with creative young kids at home? Scott helped Violet and he can help you too! Follow his steps for creating a fun and functional space that will last for years and won’t blow your budget.


Decorate a Room That Will Grow with Your Child – Kids’ tastes are always changing, and when you have a creative and spontaneous child like Violet, you never know what they’re going to think of next! Fortunately there are plenty of ways they can express their personalities in their rooms without costing it you a fortune.

Bedroom Measurements Cheatsheet – Part of decorating a bedroom that can grow with your child is making sure you choose things that are the right size. Avoid child-size furniture and instead opt for regularly sized items that will last for years to come.

Budget Spreadsheet – Any home improvement project – big or small – should be budgeted out ahead of time. Create a spreadsheet with the item/project, estimated cost, and actual cost. Before you start this will help you to figure out how your money will be distributed throughout the project, and during the process it will help you to make sure you’re still on track budget-wise.

Alerts – Once you’ve budgeted, make sure you’ve signed up for alerts through your CIBC account. CIBC alerts help keep you on top of your finances by sending you free automatic messages to your phone, email or Message Centre. Spending alerts will help keep you accountable in case you lose track and find yourself going over budget.

Additional Resources:

In order to start your kids on the path towards financial responsibility, make sure they have their own bank account. The CIBC Advantage for Youth bank account offers special benefits for those under 18 and will help them learn about managing money from a young age. Children who want to decorate their own rooms for example, can begin to understand the associated costs and learn the value of a dollar.

Scott’s Last Word…

“Violet is a character. She’s full of beans and isn’t afraid to indulge her impulses. But I think through this process she’s learned that it might be best not to be quite so impulsive when it comes to decorating. Home improvement of any kind (even a small room) costs money, and now she understands that when you act impulsively you have to pay the price – in this case living with the nail polish and glitter mural she put on the wall when she was only 6. Now, thanks to some simple accessories from Bouclair, a new DVI light fixture, and the awesome Eazywallz mural, she’s got a room she can grow into – one that reflects her bold personality, but will last her through the pre-teen and teen years.  We even got her a Casper mattress that will last for years. And when she’s ready to make changes it will be easy to peel off the mural, repaint the bed, and make other small changes that won’t break the bank. Violet understands that, and I think she’s developed a new appreciation and respect for her space.”

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