That “feeling of home” from the moment you walk through the door

Launched in the fall of 2015 and already among the largest home and apartment rental platforms in the world, ApartmentLove.com is a beautifully-styled and carefully-targeted online apartment rental website.

Drawing its namesake from the phenomenon that has prospective tenants placing their furniture and planning their housewarming parties long-before even signing a lease – an experience the Company affectionately refers to as the “ApartmentLove Effect”, www.ApartmentLove.com serves prospective tenants and professional landlords in more than 10,000 rental markets across Canada and throughout the United States.

Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, comprehensive listing inventories, engaging online environment and dynamic and memorable branding; ApartmentLove.com caters to a primarily female demographic and resonates best with university and college students, recent-graduates and young professionals (i.e. the coveted millennial generation). Supported by a custom and responsive website design that automatically adjusts to fit any mobile device, ApartmentLove.com proudly advertises nearly 200,000 daily active rental listings on behalf of large-scale property managers and professional apartment owners and operators from coast to coast.

The trustworthy and dedicated rental solution needed by both landlords and tenants from around the world; ApartmentLove.com boasts a real-time and expansive rental inventory of good and actionable listings that are flush with high-quality photos, comprehensive amenity lists, detailed property descriptions, interactive maps and accurate pricing information needed by students and parents to make good and informed rental decisions.

An efficient and proven effective rental website that services the on-demand and ever-changing needs of the millennial generation; ApartmentLove is accelerating the rental experience by getting the most desirable listings in the most luxurious markets into the hands of vetted, focused and action-oriented property seekers faster than ever before.

ApartmentLove Inc. is a proudly Canadian company and a dedicated partner of Scott McGillivray and renters around the world! #ApartmentLove

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