About This Show

Debbie Travis’ Facelift (2003-2005) combines the element of surprise with stunning home design. In each episode someone comes home to see that the wool has been pulled over their eyes, and that their home has been masterfully transformed by Facelift’s team of carpenters (including Scott McGillivray), painters and artists.  Much of the show’s drama is based around time and budget constraints in completing the job before the target returns, and upon the reaction of the target once they see the completed work. The personalities of members of the team have become well-known to regular viewers, along with such trademarks as the “Sivart van” (an old-style delivery truck labeled sivart, ‘Travis’ spelled in reverse), which the team arrives in; Debbie’s reveal of a possibly-controversial design to skeptical family members; and the ‘facelift book’, a small scrapbook presented to the target after the renovation is revealed, showing what they missed during their absence. Some ‘twists’ that have occurred on various episodes include the target returning early, unexpectedly; vital materials not arriving on time, forcing the team to improvise; and dissatisfied targets demanding a change to the renovation scheme.