• How to Plan a Basement Layout
    with Scott McGillivray
  • Drywall Installation
    Do's and Don'ts
  • How to Soundproof
    Your Ceiling
Love your kitchen! It's the heart of your home and the number one room when it comes to achieving a great return on investment.Scott McGillivray
  • How to Design a Small
    Space Kitchen
  • How to Install a
    Kitchen Faucet
Renovating a bathroom is great for return on investment - both financially and personally. So treat yourself to a relaxing, spa experience right in your own home.
Scott McGillivray
  • Bathroom Renovations:
    DIY or Contractor?
  • Finishing a Tile
  • Top 3 Luxury Bathroom
    Must Haves
Living spaces are for just that - living. They're where we rest, relax, and spend time with the people we care about most. They are our sanctuaries, and should be decorated accordingly.Scott McGillivray
  • How to Design a
    Home Gym
  • DIY Decorative
    Wall Moldings