5 Exterior Paint Projects


Add value to your home with these exterior paint projects.

Paint the Front Door

If you want to spruce up your front door and a new one isn’t in the budget, consider a coat of paint. It’s a fairly easy DIY project and can be done for the cost of a can of paint and a little sweat equity. Keep in mind that the front door is the focal point of your home so consider color carefully. If you want to go with a bold color you can, but make sure it compliments the style and colors of the rest of the exterior. Anything too wild could turn people off and negatively affect the value of your home. Neutral colors are always safe, with black and grey being particularly popular.

Grey front door and porch Marje

Paint the Siding

If you have vinyl siding that’s seen better days, or you just want to freshen up the color, consider a coat of paint rather than a costly replacement. Make no mistake, painting vinyl siding is a big job, but it’s not particularly complicated. Just make sure to do your research ahead of time and get the right kind of paint for the material. You need something “vinyl safe” that will withstand its expansion and contraction.

Blue house exterior RiverNorthPhotography

Paint the Deck

A beautiful new wood or high quality vinyl deck probably shouldn’t be painted. But one that’s run down and looking sad? That’s another story. When it comes to decks people typically stick with stain because it holds up well to foot traffic, but paint is still a viable option if you want to freshen up the color. Just keep in mind that a painted deck won’t last forever, and will require a certain amount of seasonal upkeep to keep it looking good. And don’t skip the primer! When it comes to exterior paint projects, it goes a long way in protecting the boards from moisture.

Painted Deck benedek

Paint Railings and Trim

Painting the trim (railings, shutters, window casings, etc.) is one of the best ways to make an impact to the exterior of a house without spending a lot of money. The amount of trim varies greatly from house to house, but generally speaking, it’s not overly complicated.

Front Porch RiverNorthPhotography

Paint Outdoor Furniture

While it’s not technically part of the house, the furniture that sits outside your home has an impact on curb appeal and should always look its best. Since outdoor furniture isn’t that big of a commitment (and is one of the easiest exterior paint projects you can do), don’t be afraid to have a little fun with color. Just remember that like with anything around the exterior of your house, it should compliment the other colors and styles surrounding it.

Painted furniture on a porch Lisa-Blue


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Photos courtesy of iStockphoto.com/ Marje, RiverNorthPhotography (2), benedek, Lisa-Blue

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Don’t forget to let your insurance company know about your renovations to ensure coverage during the reno period.