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As with anything renovation related, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So before you go out and buy that fancy fridge or high-tech range you’ve been dreaming about, make sure you’ve done your homework. Make a list of what you like and dislike about your current appliances. Think about the features you want and/or need to have, and consider your budget carefully. If you’re going to invest in a kitchen, make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for to suit all of your kitchen needs. This appliance buying guide is a great first step.


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Determine the Right Configuration

As you begin to make more detailed plans about your kitchen remodel, you want to be sure you’re designing something that is highly functional. It should be stylish, efficient and easy to move around in. The first thing you should do is locate the three primary workspaces (prep, cooking, and clean up)  and build from there.


Built-In vs. Freestanding

Freestanding (or portable) appliances are those that are completely transportable and easy to position in different areas of the kitchen. Built-ins on the other hand are those that are literally fixed into place (such as a wall-oven or stovetop that is installed into the actual countertop). Freestanding is best when you’re working with standard or pre-fab cabinets, while built-ins are an option if you want them to blend in seamlessly with custom cabinets.


Measure Twice

Never underestimate how important it is to get the exact measurements. The number one reason why major appliances are returned is that they do not fit. So measure the space and then factor in at least 1” for air flow.


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Start Shopping



A refrigerator is one of the most important appliances you can invest in for your kitchen. It’s no small purchase, but it’s probably the most frequently used appliance in your home, so you want to get it right. Look for things like customizable storage that will help maximize storage space for quick and easy access. And don’t forget about placement. Will you need a built-in, counter-depth, or freestanding version? Built-in units are great for smaller kitchens because of the width. They are typically 24” to 25” deep and provide a sleek look next to the cabinets. Counter depth means the body of the fridge is as deep as the countertop, however the doors extend past that due to the hinges. They are a great option for kitchens with tight clearances. Freestanding refrigerators tend to be less expensive and designed for easy relocation, however they typically extend beyond the kitchen’s cabinetry.




Today’s dishwashers are loaded with advanced technologies that get dishes sparkling clean in half the time. The best dishwasher for your home is the one that’s sized right to suit your household needs. Some of the features you want to consider are the dishwasher capacity, energy-efficiency, and noise reducing technology. Because models are continually evolving, before buying a new dishwasher, do a little bit of research. Check out consumer ratings for reliability and convenience, and make sure to select a dishwasher that will add not only style, but also convenience to your home.



Range Hood

Range hoods are necessary for removing odors, smoke and steam from the kitchen when cooking. Some people like to make them focal points by using chimney hoods or island hoods (if the range is in an island), while others prefer the discreet look of under cabinet or custom inserts. Whatever you choose make sure that the CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) is enough for the type of range you have and the amount you cook.




The range you choose can have a great impact on how you cook. In the past it was always either Gas or Electric, but today there are  more options to consider. For instance, are you willing to spend a little more for convection cooking? Convection uses an internal fan to circulate hot air throughout the oven resulting in even heat distribution and reduced cook times. The Frigidaire Professional® series offer PowerPlus® convection, baking and roasting dishes evenly, every time.

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