How to Choose a Kitchen Backsplash


When it comes to kitchen renovations, a quick and easy way to update your cooking space is by adding color or textural interest with the addition of a backsplash. A kitchen backsplash no longer has just one duty – to protect walls against spills and stains – but has now become an essential part of the overall design and can become the focal point in your kitchen.

There are many trending styles to consider. To help you choose a backsplash that fits your style and budget and works with your counter, I’ve compiled a list of items to consider before investing in the remodel.

Kitchen Backsplash Style

A very important factor in picking out a backsplash is the design style. Things like pattern, shape and size need to be considered and will impact the overall aesthetic. Patterns come in a variety of weaving traditions such as herringbone, knit, argyle, plait, and Flemish bond to name a few. The shape of the tile should be determined by the overall style you’re trying to achieve. Are you inspired by mid-century décor? Minimalism aesthetic? Or Moroccan infused elements. Don’t feel pressured to choose an aesthetic right off the bat. Instead, collect inspiration through blogs, online sources, and magazines. Whatever you’re drawn to the most is sure to complement your space. Just be sure to keep ROI (return on investment) top of mind. Simple and classic is usually your best bet.

Tile Material

The standard choices for a kitchen backsplash today include ceramic, glass, and travertine. Ceramic is the most common of the three. It’s durable, inexpensive and easy to install. Your choice of color and style are endless with ceramic because of its popularity and general appeal. Glass provides a sleek and modern look. Interested in keeping it green? Some tiles utilize recycled glass offering an eco-friendly option. Keep in mind that glass is susceptible to scratching, so if you’re looking for a forgiving upkeep then you might want to consider ceramic instead. Travertine is a type of limestone that is processed into tiles and can be quite costly but provides a luxurious look. Before you purchase your desired tile, be sure to bring home a couple samples and compare them with your current countertops, flooring, and other finishes in your kitchen.

The Color

Are you looking at adding drama to your kitchen or keeping it clean and classic? You’ll need to decide between a neutral backsplash versus a colourful option. Adding a colourful backsplash will give your kitchen that personal expression, but be sure to take into consideration the style of your current countertops, flooring, and other finishes in your kitchen.


For more information check out kitchen backsplashes 101.

Photo courtesy of Frigidaire

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Don’t forget to let your insurance company know about your renovations to ensure coverage during the reno period.