Controlling Acoustics Can Create a Peaceful Oasis


One of the questions I get from the homeowners I work with is ‘how do we control noise in our homes?’ Whether it’s a single residence or it has an income suite, one of the most common complaints from homeowners and renters is about sound transfer.

The acoustics in a space affect our lives more than we realize – from the muffled sounds of voices in adjacent rooms, to the sound of the furnace pumping heat through the vents, to the sound of running water when showers are taken. For most of us, it just becomes part of the background sound associated with living. But does it have to be that way?

The answer is no!

If you are renovating a kitchen, adding an addition to your home or renovating a basement into an apartment, you probably are opening up interior walls or starting with studs. If that is the case, you can address the issue of noise reduction by selecting products that will help to dampen unwanted noise.

Scott McGillivray Home Theatre 1

Drywall is a product where homeowners now have many choices. When selecting drywall, you need to remember that walls matter and drywall isn’t just drywall anymore. To improve the acoustics in your home consider adding CertainTeed’s SilentFX Quick Cut noise reducing drywall. This product is a specially formulated drywall designed to dampen sound traveling through walls and ceilings. This can be most beneficial if you have a playroom, music room, home theatre or a space with many hard surfaces.

If you are renovating a basement space, the use of acoustical ceiling tiles can help to alleviate unwanted sound from rising to the other floors. In some spaces, acoustical wall panels can be used as a complement and/or an alternate to acoustical ceiling panels to improve the performance within a space.

Certainteed Drywall

There is a great deal of science behind acoustics (which is defined as the study of sound). If you want to learn more visit http://www.certainteed.com/.



Home theatre photo courtesy of HGTV.ca’s Moving the McGillivrays

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