Curb Appeal Do’s and Don’ts


Never neglect the importance of curb appeal when selling your home. First impressions are hugely important and you want potential buyers to be impressed right from the start. Here are some curb appeal do’s and don’ts to make sure you maximize your home’s exterior.


DO stay in sync with the rest of the neighbourhood when it comes to colors and style. You want your house to look like the best one on the block, but it should be for the right reasons. When you venture too far style-wise your house will stick out like a sore thumb. This can mean anything from the roof color, to the siding, to the stucco, to the windows and doors. Make sure every element works together.

DON’T choose a wild color of paint or siding that will turn off potential buyers or renters. You never want to be the house that leaves people wondering, “What were they thinking?”

House with Gray Shingles

DO highlight your front porch by adding a seating arrangement if space permits. Treat it as you would an indoor room by creating a conversation area and including a rug, coffee table, and even drapes if you want privacy.

DON’T overlook the front door. It’s the focal point of your house’s exterior and it must look good. It also provides security for your home as well as insulation and draft protection.

DO replace your mailbox, doorbell, or house numbers if they’re in disrepair. These are all low-cost items that will improve the look of your house significantly.

DON’T overlook the impact a fresh coat of paint can have on shutters, railings, and front porches.

Permacon Interlocking Walkway

DO consider adding lighting to your entry doors and in front of your garage, both for safety reasons and to improve the look of your home in the evening.

DON’T overspend on lighting, as it won’t give you a good return on the investment. Keep within the style of your home’s exterior and don’t try to make it overly fancy (unless it’s for your own personal enjoyment).

DO landscape in such a way that it’s easy for you to maintain it and keep it looking good. This includes not just plants but walkways and driveways as well. Classic pavers always look great, are easy to maintain and can offer a great return on investment.

Scott's House Landscaping

DON’T set your garbage and recycling bins at the front of the house. Keep them in the garage or towards the back or side of the house. If this isn’t possible build a privacy screen to hide them from plain view.

DO power wash your front steps periodically to remove mould and mildew. Consistent maintenance means less work when it comes time to sell.



Top 2 photos courtesy of CertainTeed. Photo 3 courtesy of Skit Inc.

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