Hiring Your Renovation Team





Your renovation will only be as good as the team you hire.

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How to Hire a Contractor


Get Referrals


Contact Several Companies


Consider the Estimates


Ask Questions


Check References


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How to Hire an Interior Designer


Get Referrals


Interview Several Designers


Consider Cost

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The Rest of the Team…



If you’re starting from scratch or doing a significant rebuild you may want to hire an architect to handle the design. Architects draw up the plans including things like building specs, insulation, electrical outlets, wall assemblies, etc. If you choose to go this route you can continue to work with the architect throughout the entire process and they can help hire the right contractor and ensure that he/she is following the plans and specifications as required.



If you plan on making any changes to the structure, such as removing walls, enlarging windows, creating a separate entrance, or adding an addition, you will need to work with a structural engineer. It’s the engineer’s job to ensure the stability of the building, so you don’t want to skip this step. In fact, in most cases you will need the engineer to draw up plans so that you can obtain the proper permits for the job. Similarly, if you’re altering the layout of the home in such a way that requires moving heat vents you’ll need to have a mechanical engineer prepare the drawings so that you can get a permit. In many cases your general contractor will have someone they work with regularly, but if you want to hire your own go about it in much the same way as you would in hiring a contractor. Make sure they’re licensed, ask to see some of their previous work, and check references.

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Licensed Trades

The best source for finding and hiring sub-trades (electrician, plumber, etc.) will be your general contractor. He or she will have people they work with regularly and will handle all the scheduling. However if you choose to hire sub-trades directly the most important thing to make sure of is that they are licensed. This is hugely important for safety, but it also protects you in case the work does not pass inspection. Licensed trades can also pull individual permits on your behalf, meaning you have one less thing to worry about.


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Don’t be afraid to call your municipality’s permit office to discuss your project. They can help you understand the process and make it run smoother.