Kitchen Trends to Try – An R2R Case Study

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Kitchen updates can cost as little as $2500 and go upwards of $50,000 for a total remodel. So you want to make sure you’re investing in things that won’t just last, but will give you a great ROI (return on investment). When it comes to trends it’s important to know how to incorporate the latest and greatest without getting stuck with something that will become dated in just a couple of years.

8iE6yRj4THere’s how I applied “safe” kitchen trends in Andrew’s basement.

Reno to Reveal - Modern Kitchen


The Layout

Andrew’s basement is similar to a lot of new and new-ish homes because it has an open kitchen/living area. This open concept style has become the most desired type of layout, and as a result kitchen design has become about a lot more than just functionality. Kitchens now need to blend in with living areas, and a clean, streamlined look has become more important than ever. Spaces (no matter what the styles) need to connect, sightlines need to be clear, and visual clutter needs to be kept to a minimum.


The Trends






Reno to Reveal - Waterfall Counter


Reno to Reveal - Kitchen Appliances

Remember, following the wrong trends can decrease the value of your home over time, but if you use common sense and plan with the needs of your household in mind, you can incorporate trends that will stand the test of time and offer you a great return on investment.

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Don’t forget about decorating. Just because the contractor’s done it doesn’t mean your job is over. You still need to buy furniture, window treatments and accessories. Make sure you’ve included these in the budget.