Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring


In the real estate and renovation industries there’s one topic that people always have questions about, and that’s flooring. Everyone wants to know if they should get hardwood, laminate, tile, carpet – the list goes on. The truth is, the right type of flooring for your project depends on a lot of factors, including budget, location, style of the house, and lifestyle.

These days when it comes to affordable flooring that can offer a great return on investment, Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is an option worth some consideration. LVT is the fastest growing global flooring market, and for good reason.


Luxury Vinyl Tile Style

One of the reasons LVT is so popular is the fact that it mimics the timeless look of natural wood, stone, and leather, but has been engineered to be more suitable to everyday living (and without the high price tag). This concept of Biomimicry is the art of recreating nature’s best ideas, and it’s been an important consideration in vinyl flooring designs. Treasured raw materials such as precious woods, stones, and even animal furs are re-imagined using alternative processes which ensure continued availability of our natural heritage for future generations. Through 3D printing technology the grain, tone and thickness of natural materials can be visually recreated so that the floor looks natural, but lasts longer and is versatile enough to be used in a variety of locations throughout the home.

Wood Look Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl Floor Maintenance

One of vinyl floor’s biggest advantages is its durability. It can withstand quite a bit of wear and tear and offers good scratch and dent resistance. This makes it great for pet owners who worry about scratch marks. Luxury vinyl tile is also easy to clean. Sweep, dust, or vacuum regularly, and occasionally wipe the surface with a damp mop or cloth to keep it looking in tiptop shape. The other big selling point is that vinyl is resistant to water, meaning you can put it in basements and bathrooms without any fear of damage from water leakage. In case of a flood, with many varieties you can simply lift up the planks, dry them off and re-install them onto a dry subfloor.

Vinyl Bathroom Floors

Return on Investment

The biggest benefit of vinyl flooring is that is provides a good ROI (return on investment) when you consider the cost. While classic floor choices like hardwood and ceramic can be smart investments, they can be pricey and require you to make a significant investment up front (both for the material and the installation). Vinyl on the other hand is very affordable, and since it’s so easy to install it’s a pretty reasonable DIY project.


The moral of this story is that the luxury vinyl flooring of today is not the same as it was a generation ago. It’s better looking, it’s more durable, and it offers a better return on investment than it once did. So if you’re thinking about installing new floors consider Luxury Vinyl Tile as a viable option for your home.



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