How to Plan the Perfect Activity Room

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Anyone with kids knows the benefits of having an activity room. It’s a place where the kids can be loud, get messy, be creative, and have fun. But while decorating with kids in mind can be a lot of fun, keep in mind that kids grow up, and sooner than you think the needs of the room will change. So while theme rooms and custom designs can seem like a good idea at the time, always try to decorate with longevity in mind. You don’t want to have to completely redecorate in a couple of years when your kids’ interest change.


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Stylish but durable is what you want in a room where kids rule. Between fort-building, spilled paint, roughhousing and game-playing, you need something that will stand up to the abuse that kids can inflict. But if you don’t want to have to replace it when the room gets a makeover in a few years, you’ll want something that also looks good. Durable materials such as vinyl plank and laminate can stand up to quite a bit of wear and tear and will look great long after your kids have outgrown the space.


Seating is important, but not nearly as important as it is in grownup rooms. Kids tend to lounge on the floor and sprawl out, so have a little fun and don’t spend a fortune on expensive sofas and chairs. Large throw pillows or poofs on the floor, and simple plastic chairs set at a table are all you need for kids to be comfortable.


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Since some of the kids in Andrew’s family are big readers he wanted them to have a cozy reading nook within the activity room. A hanging chair, complete with a big, plush throw was included for anyone who wants to curl up with a book.

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“Kids don’t require much storage,” said no parent – ever.  So make sure you’ve got a lot of it. A storage unit that can double as a work station provides a contained area for crafts and games. If you’ve got a media centre make sure there’s plenty of storage underneath for consoles, remote controls, toys and whatever other accessories might be required.  Closets and armoires are also great for storing things like costumes, old clothing and sports equipment. When it comes to playroom storage solutions, you can never have too many.



An entertainment station is great for kids who are into movies and video games. If you choose to add one make sure it’s safely connected and there are no loose wires that kids could trip on. If they play the types of games that require physical movement make sure there’s plenty of room in front of the TV for them to move around without knocking anything over or hurting themselves. And if you’re planning to include television and/or internet access consider activating some parental controls so they can’t access anything they shouldn’t be accessing. Giving kids a room where they have privacy and freedom is great, but you need to keep them safe while you’re at it!



Of all the rooms in the house, an activity room is the one that should most strongly reflect the personalities and interests of your children. So don’t be afraid to add personal touches that they’ve made or curated themselves. Whether it’s their own artwork, craft projects or book, or toy collection, decorate with things your kids have made and/or love.



‘Reno to Reveal Callout’

Since all the kids in the family are crafty and creative, Andrew’s designer included a chalkboard wall on one side of the room. This allows the kids to be expressive and draw all over the walls any time they want. When they’ve outgrown the chalk wall it can easily be painted over.

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