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How do you decorate a bedroom when you don’t know who it’s for? Easy – keep it clean, simple, and neutral. “I don’t know who’s going to be using this space,” says Andrew, “so I want it to appeal to everybody.”


Scott and his design team decided to stick with the number one rule of resale – you want to appeal to 99% of the people, 99% of the time. “Too many specific elements and you run the risk of turning people off.” Since this is a guest room the same rules apply. “We kept it very simple but we still added a few touches to make it special.”

Reno to Reveal Bedroom Color Palette

The guest bedroom sits on a foundation of neutral grays and browns, but a few pops of color were peppered in to make the space more dynamic. Hot pink and juicy citrus colors were chosen as accents to bring some energy to the neutral palette. “The bright colors were brought in by way of removable accents,” says designer Jacqueline Kay. “That way they can be removed if whoever is using it wants a more masculine look.” And because the base colors are brown and grey, virtually any other color will work. “Because this space is below grade, it was important to keep it as light and bright as possible, which is why we went with such a light grey.”


Reno to Reveal - Electrical Panel Cover

The biggest challenge in this room was the electrical panel. “We wanted to keep it hidden from view but still easy to access.” Scott came up with a DIY paneling application that would wrap around the room and camouflage the electrical box without disrupting the serenity of the space. “We created a bump-out with a hinged panel and then masked it with the molding application.” Now you don’t really know it’s there unless you go looking for it.  “Because it’s a small room, we had to be cautious not to make it too busy-looking, so we painted all the molding the same color as the walls.”  Now the subtle details add depth without making the space feel choppy or disjointed.


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Reno to Reveal - Guest Bedroom Details

Creating a comforting and comfortable space is all in the details. “In the guest bedroom we added a lot of lush fabrics to create an overall feeling of comfort and then included some special touches like automated window treatments,” says Jacqueline.  An easy-to-reach remote control means you don’t have to get out of bed to open or close the shades. According to Scott, it’s details like this that can help add value to your home. “There aren’t a ton of ways to add value to bedrooms, so it’s the small details that will make or break them. Adding extra touches like automated shades helps  give the space a more high end feeling and lends an overall sense of luxury and quality.”


Article_ScottTip template_large_bedroom style


R2R Bedroom Details 2



Bedroom Mood Board


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