Vinyl – The Hottest Trend in Flooring


Flooring is always a hot topic in the renovation and design world, and one of the most popular materials right now is vinyl. Vinyl flooring is so hot because it has never looked so good, performed better or been easier to install.



Vinyl has come a long way, and there are more color and style options than ever before. Whether you want to mimic the look of wood, leather or ceramic, innovations in vinyl flooring have made it possible. It’s also available in planks, tiles, and large sheets, meaning you can create just about any look you want.


Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

One of the biggest benefits of vinyl flooring is that is provides a good ROI (return on investment) when you consider the cost. While classic floor choices like hardwood and ceramic can be smart investments, they can be pricey and require you to make a significant investment up front (both for the material and the installation). Vinyl on the other hand is very affordable, and since it’s so easy to install it’s a pretty reasonable DIY project. Vinyl is also great in rooms that are prone to moisture, they’re comfortable and forgiving underfoot, and they can be easily cleaned with a damp mop.


Vinyl Flooring Styles


Repositionable Vinyl Planks and Tiles

The latest innovation in vinyl flooring is “repositionable” planks and tiles, and they make sense for a lot of reasons. Here’s the deal –


Easy Installation


Flood Resistant


Minimal Thickness


No Transitions


Vinyl Flooring Open Concept


Floors that look and stay beautiful without a lot of maintenance have always and will always be important to homeowners. And the innovations in vinyl are making it a popular choice for homeowners across North America.


Photos courtesy of Gerflor Canada

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