Scott’s DIY Project with Aflac Duck

May 20, 2014 | Category: Shows & Community Tags: , , , ,

Scott is less than impressed with the Aflac Duck’s do-it-yourself home improvement skills when he hands him a plunger instead of a wrench, can’t start a chainsaw and haphazardly aims a pneumatic nailer throughout the garage.  But, when Scott finds out the Duck paid his friend’s claim for a broken arm in just four days, he realizes the Duck is pretty handy after all.  Scott decides he can take a lesson from the Aflac Duck about the benefits of voluntary insurance and getting claims paid fast, but offers his expertise in return by giving the Aflac Duck a pair of safety glasses for his next home improvement endeavor.  In the commercial, “the Aflac Duck demonstrates that there are countless opportunities for accidents to occur while completing do-it-yourself projects around the house,” said Michael Zuna, Aflac’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer. “With Aflac, policyholders have peace of mind knowing that if an accident occurs, they’ll get cash benefits quickly to help with unexpected expenses – and to help make sure that project gets checked off the list.”

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