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Income Property’s Scott McGillivray surprises Twyla Gendron, a widowed cancer survivor from Scarborough Ontario after her dear friends contact him for help in 2010. In a span of 8 months, Twyla lost her mother, was diagnosed with breast cancer, was downsized from her job, and lost her husband of 38 years to cancer.

After this series of unfortunate events she struggled to keep up with mortgage payments and came close to losing her home. She needed to find a stable way to pay her mortgage and her friends rallied round and organized a fundraising project to help her keep her home.

This 7 part series documents how Income Property expert Scott McGillivray shines a ray of hope in Twyla’s direction when he signed on to renovate her basement into a revenue producing apartment.  Scott, his entire crew, and many suppliers donated their time, products, and services to turn an unfinished basement into a beautiful two bedroom income property that gives Twyla a new sense of relief.

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