Good to Grow follows Scott McGillivray as he and his family prep, plant, and harvest their fourth-annual organic vegetable garden. Scott shares his passion for gardening as he tries to make healthy food and healthy eating exciting to his young daughters. Each episode follows the growth of the family’s seasonal garden and reveals Scott’s tips and tricks for the perfect crop.

Good to Grow: 
The Harvest

In the final episode of Good to Grow, Scott McGillivray gathers his last harvest after a successful summer in the organic garden.


Good to Grow Episodes

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The Harvest
Natural Pesticides
Organic Fertilizers
Ladybug Pest Control
Manual Pollination
6 Methods of Organic Pest Control
How Do Bees Make Honey
Raised Beds & Fencing the Garden
Draining the Garden
Weeding the Garden
Harvesting Crops
Weathering the Elements
How to Plant an Organic Garden
Preparing the Soil
A Visit to the Farm