Elevate the Functionality of Your Kitchen

When people design their kitchen they usually focus on how it looks, and of course, that’s important. But what’s equally important is how it functions and fits with your lifestyle.

Once you have the layout determined, make sure you stop and assess how you can elevate each workstation’s functionality with the right storage solutions.

Check out this kitchen I designed using some of Wood Crest’s many interior storage solutions.

For a closer look at each of the following products, please visit www.woodcrestcabinets.ca/our-products/organization 


The base pull-out I used fully extends and allows you access from either side. If you are an avid cook, having a dedicated pull-out like this is a great space to house all your tools for meal prep. 


Under the sink is where most cleaning supplies are stored, and it’s also where your plumbing is located. So to protect your sink cabinet from potential leaks or spills, I recommend the cab mat. The cab mat is a rigid plastic tray that completely lines the bottom of the cabinet to collect spills for an easy clean up. 


Being able to find what you need in a corner cabinet can be a pain – literally. You can waste valuable time digging in the corner, straining your back trying to find what you need. With Wood Crest’s lazy susan, the shelves spin 360° so that everything is visible and can easily be reached. 


Wood Crest Cabinetry features hardwood dovetail drawers that are strong enough to bear the weight of heavy dishes. 


Simply slide the top tray back and below you’ll find a second tray. It’s the perfect way to maximize your drawer storage space. 


The key to a functional kitchen is how easily you can access things – and for that you need complete visibility! This pull-out pantry pulls out completely so you can access your items from either side. And if you shop in bulk – no worries, with adjustable shelves you can customize the height of each one to accommodate your taller pantry items. 


To maximize counter space, I incorporated a microwave drawer into the island. The drawer below is perfect for storing your microwave safe dishes so they are right at hand when it comes to reheating! 


Wood Crest’s pull-out waste bin features two bins so you can sort recyclables and waste all in one place. It even has a storage compartment at the side to hold cleaners, disinfectants and garbage bags. 

Every element in your kitchen should be personal to your lifestyle and that includes your storage needs. As you’ve seen, with Wood Crest Cabinetry there’s a wide range of interior storage solutions that are designed to elevate the functionality of each work zone in your kitchen and truly take it to the next level.

Wood Crest Cabinetry and storage solutions can be purchased through Home Hardware stores across Canada. Please visit www.homehardware.ca/en/wood-crest-cabinetry for more information.

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