Moving the McGillivrays

Moving the McGillivrays – Resource Guide

Special Thanks to the Following Suppliers:

1) Wallpaper, 20-434 Salizzada Geo White, Graham & Brown 2) Drapery & Upholstery Fabrics, Robert Allen 3) Crown Moulding Throughout, Mouldex Mouldings 4) Cabinetry, Style: VERONA G1 (SQUARE EDGE), Perimeter Colour: SPF BR (D8804), Island Colour: SPF SM (0402 Z36), Downsview 5) Accessories, Bouclair 6) Hardware, Brass Cup Pull, Grayson Crystal Knob, Emtek 7) Accessories, Renwil 8) Hardwood Floors, White Oak Floors, 7″ Gotham Oiled, Vintage Hardwood Fooring

Not Pictured: Lighting & Accessories, Union Lighting & Furnishings; Quartz Countertops in Ella, Cambria; Paint, Pintuck Blouse P5235-24,  Para Paints; Blinds, Mandalay Lima White, Maxxmar Window Fashions.

1) Garage Floors, Bomanite 2) Garage Doors, Richards-Wilcox 3) Garage Door Openers, Liftmaster 4) Retractable Hose Central Vacuum System, Hide-a-Hose 5) Hand and Power Tools, Milwaukee Tools & RYOBI 6) Garage/Workshop Storage Solutions, Gladiator GarageWorks 7) Shutters, Maxxmar Window Fashions

Not Pictured: Garage Heaters, Superior Radiant Products, Garage Workshop Organization, Urban Garage; Additional Tools, RIDGID.

Quartz Desk Surface, Cambria 2) Wall Colour, Coin Silver P2146-04, Para Paints 3) Window Coverings, Mandalay Lopez Grey, Maxxmar Window Fashions 4) Floor Tile, B-STONE, GRIS MAT Cera Gres 5) Cabinetry Style: AMALFI 1 Colour: WINTERFELL (MAPLE, SPF SM), Downsview Kitchens

1) Quartz Countertop, Dunmore, Brittanica, Cambria 2) Wall Color Walls: Old Sterling Tint 1 P2104-01, Para 3) Lighting, DVI Lighting  4) Custom Cabinets, Style: CONTRADA 4 Colour: SPF SM (WINTERFELL), Downsview Kitchens, Hardware, Sandcast Bronze Square Knob, Emtek 5) Appliances, Model # EFMC617STT, EPWD157STT, Electrolux 6) Tile, ASPIN GREY, MATTE, Cera Gres

1)Hardwood Floors, White Oak Floors, 7″ Gotham Oiled, Vintage Hardwood Fooring 2) Double Sided Fireplace HD81, Napoleon 3) Blinds, Mandalay, Gemina White, Maxxmar Window Fashions 4) Drapery Fabric, Robert Allen 5) Area Rug, W Studio 6) Wall Color, Lefroy Glacier P2701-02, Para 7) Artwork Myah McGillivray & Friends.

Lighting, Union Lighting & Furnishings; Sofa & Ottoman, J Studio and Gresham House; Additional artwork, Celadon; Storage Systems, Craft Table, Chairs, Pottery Barn Kids.

1) Bathroom Fixtures and Vanity, Kohler 2) Wall Colour, Black Onyx P5246-83, Para 3) Art & Accessories, Renwil 4) Shower Walls, Sharpham & Newport, Cambria 5) Tile, Floor: Extro Black/White, Shower: Onyx Nature, Cera Gres 6) Custom Shower Bench, Shower Waterproofing System, Floor Warming System, Schluter Systems 7) Shower Enclosure, Doors & More 8) Window blinds, Mandalay, Lima White, Maxxmar Window Fashions

Not Pictured: Bathroom Fan, Panasonic Whisper Ceiling Series, Vaughan Electrical.

1) Kitchen Cabinets, Concept Avanti, NewShak90, T492 Urbania, White Chocolate Bamco 2) Countertops, Cambria 3) Lights, DVI Lighting 4) Appliances, Electrolux 5) White Oak Floors, 7″ Gotham Oiled Vintage Hardwood Flooring 6) Bathroom Fixtures and Vanity, Kohler 7) Mirrors, Artwork & Accessories, Renwil 8)Wallpaper, 20-514 Chambray Stripe Skye Blue, Graham & Brown 9) Shower Enclosure, Doors & More 10) Additional Accessories, Bouclair, 11) Shower & Floor Tile, Olympia Tile

Not Pictured: Living area wall colour, Double Click Right P5222-44, Accent wall, Loucks Farm P2145-02, Bedroom wall colour, Evangeline Green Tint 1 P2090-01, Para.

1)Accessories, Bouclair 2) Custom Cabinets Style: Savoia 4 Colour: APF T2 (D6196), Downsview Kitchens, 3) Penny Floor, Fluidrock 4) Quartz border, Cambria 5) Drapery Fabric, Robert Allen 6) Blinds, Mandalay, Lima White, Maxxmar Window Fashions 7) Wall Color Powder Horn P2107-02, Para

Additional: Printer, Epson; Office chair, Elte; Lighting, Union Lighting & Furnishings; French doors, Trimlite;  Artwork, Celadon & Renwil; Side chair, Sunpan; Cabinetry hardware, Emtek.

1) Vanity Top & Quartz Strips, Summerhill, Cambria 2) Faucet, Towel Holders, Toilet, Knobs, Margaux, Kohler 3) Vanity, Decorating Details 4) Sconces and Ceiling Pendant, Union Lighting 5) Paint, Heavy Metal P5156-75, Smokey Eyes P5426-62, Para 6) Floor and Wall Tile, Anima Graphite, Cera Gres.

1) Fireplace Facade (Lafitt) & Patio Stones (Melville), Permacon 2) Outdoor Fireplace Product Code – GSS42 Riverside 42, Napoleon 3) Cedar Ceiling, Turkstra Lumber 4) Skylights, Velux  5) Light Fixture, Union Lighting & Furnishings 6) Outdoor Heaters, Habanero heaters Model: HAB-M40, IR Energy 7) Patio Doors, Pollard Windows & Doors 8) Plants and Accessories, Terra Greenhouses 9) Outdoor Furniture, Restoration Hardware

Additional: Light Over Seating Area, DVI Lighting; Speakers, entertainment, security, Design Electronics.

Area Rug, W Studio  2) Drapery Fabric, Robert Allen 3) Ceiling Detail & Crown, Mouldex Mouldings 4) Blinds, Mandalay, Lima White, Maxxmar Window Fashions 5) Artwork, Elte 6) Dining Chairs, Gresham House 7) Paint, Walls: Powder Horn P2107-02 Ceiling: Lefroy Glacier P2701-02, Para 8) Sink & Faucet, Kohler  9) Light Fixture, Elte 10) Custom Cabinets, Style: Amalfi 6 Perimeter Colour: SPF MK (OXFORD WHITE CC 30), Downsview Kitchens 11) Hardware, Emtek 12) Quartz Countertop in Ellesmere 13) Appliances, Electrolux Icon 24″  Dishwasher #E24ID74QPS, Electrolux Icon 24″ Undercounter Wine Fridge #E24WL5OQS, Electrolux

Custom Audio/Visual and Electronics Integration, Design Electronics 2) Wall Sconces, DVI Lighting3) Home Theatre Seating, Zenlia 4) Paint Colors, Speckled Granite P5244-52D, Forge Black P2143-41, Tartan 5083-85, Platinum P5244-41, Para 5) Laser Projector, Epson

1) Headboards, Storage Benches, Couch, Gresham House & J Studio 2) Ceiling Pendants, Myah’s Desk, Armoire, Restoration Hardware 3) Wall colors – Mays’s Room: Nautical Mile P5160-34, Shore Excursions P160-44D; Layla’s Room: Keepsakes P5190-340, Breathless P51433-340; Bathroom: Peony Pink P5139-14, Para 4) Accessories, Bouclair; Art, Accessories and Rugs, Renwil 5) Blinds, Maxxmar Window Fashions; Drapery Fabric, Robert Allen 6) Mattresses & Boxsprings, Stearns & Foster 7) Vanity Countertop & Shower Sills, Niche, Cambria 8) Tile Floor/Shower: Gold Fusion White, Detail: Arv Marble Carrara, Cera Gres 9) Maribou Vanity, Sunstruck tub, Archer Toilet, Sinks, Faucets, Shower Kit, Towel Hooks, Rings, Pulls, Wall Sconces (Purist series), Kohler

Not Pictured: Custom Closets, Linen Cabinets, California Closets; Wallpaper Maya’s Study: 20-732 Olympus Hot Pink, Layla’s Study: MO21409, Graham & Brown, Shower Enclosure, Timeless Glass & Mirror, Shower Waterproofing System, Floor Warming System, Schluter Systems.

1)Bedside Pendants & Floor Lamp, Union Lighting & Furnishings 2) Mattresses & Box Springs, Stearns & Foster 3) Wallpaper 20-703 Apollo White, Graham & Brown 4) Custom Mouldings,Mouldex Mouldings 5) Upholstered Furniture, J Studio & Gresham House 6) Centre Ceiling Pendant, Cabinet & Vine Table, Elte 7) Upholstery Fabrics, Drapery & Pillows, Robert Allen 8) Accessories,Abbott Collection 9) Motorized Blackout Blinds, Maxxmar Window Fashions 10) Coffee Bar: sink & Faucet, Kohler, Beverage Fridge, Electrolux, Hardware, Emtek  11) Cabinets, California Closets 12) Prefinished Hardwood Floors, White Oak Floors, 7″ Gotham Oiled, Vintage Hardwood Flooring 13) Fireplace Surround, Coffee Bar Countertop, Cambria 14) Gas Fireplace BL36, Napoleon 15) Art, Accessories & Mirror, Renwil 16) Canvases by: Rick Bond, Julie Cosgrove, Paul Tom, Brian M. Atyeo,Harbour Gallery

1) Prefinished Hardwood Floors, White Oak Floors, 7″ Gotham Oiled, Vintage Hardwood Flooring  2) Wallpaper 32-330 Knightsbridge Black Flock, Graham & Brown 3) Custom Closet Bellissima White Lago & Cashmere Classic Collection, California Closets 4) Sputnik Chandelier & Console, Union Lighting & Furnishings 5) Cabinetry Hardware, Emtek 6) Accessories, Renwil 7) Island Quartz Surface & Shelves, Cambria 8) Custom Ceiling Mouldings, Mouldex Mouldings

1) Wall Color, Saqueway Tint 1 P2100-01, Para 2) Cabinetry hardware, knobs and pulls, Windsor Crystal Knob, Emtek 3) Floor & Shower Tile, Floor: White Experience, Apuano, Shower: Onix Hexagon, Cera Gres 4) Shower slabs, vanity countertops in Brittanica, Cambria   5) Custom Vanity & Storage, Style: FIRENZE 2 Colour: SPF MK, Downsview Kitchens 6) All Faucets, Fixtures, and Fittings, Kohler

Not Pictured: Shower Waterproofing System, Floor Warming System, Schluter Systems; Blinds, Mandalay Lima White, Maxxmar Window Fashions; Shower Enclosure, Doors & More.

1) Wall Color, Coin Silver P2146-04, Para 2) Appliances, Dishwasher – E124ID50QS, Built-In Microwave – E124MO45IBE130MO45TS, Microwave Trim Kit – EI27MO45TS, Wall Oven – EW27EW55PS, French Door Fridge – E123BC80K, Electrolux  3) Countertop, Roxwell, Cambria 4) Accessories, Abbott Collection 5) Custom Cabinetry & Millwork, Maple, Style: Traditional (FP) Wide Rail, Colour: Truffle CP40511, The Bamco Group  6) Wine Room Cooling Unit, WhisperKool SS8000 Ceiling Mount Split System, Rosehill Wine Cellars

1) Lighting & Console, Union Lighting & Furnishings 2) Art & Accessories, Renwil  3) King mattress and boxsprings, Stearns & Foster  4) Marquee King Bed, Sunpan  5) Wall Colours, Walls – Bare It All P5229-24, Accent Wall – Singapore Coral P5077-63, Para  6) Bench & Chaise, Jane by Jane Lockhart

Not Pictured: Blinds, Mandalay, Vue Ebony, Maxxmar Window Fashions.

1) Stages sink and accessories, Purist faucet, and pot filler, Kohler  2) Appliances, Dishwasher – E24ID74QPS, Freezer Drawers – E24RD50QS, Gas Ranges – EI30GF45QS , Beverage Fridge – E24WL5OQS, Electrolux  3) Custom Cabinetry, Style: Amalfi 6, Perimeter Colour: SPF MK (OXFORD WHITE CC 30), Island Colour: SPF BR (D10622), Downsview Kitchens  4) Blinds, Posh Frost, Maxxmar Window Fashions  5) Dining Table, island pendants, sconces, chandelier over dining table, Union Lighting & Furnishings  6) Countertops, Brittanica & Roxwell, Cambria 7) Dining Chairs, island counter height chairs, Sunpan 8) Prefinished Hardwood Floors, White Oak Floors, 7″ Gotham Oiled, Vintage Hardwood Flooring 9) Patio Doors, Pollard Windows & Doors 10) Wall colour, Courtyard P5220-44, Ceiling Color, Out for a Stroll P5204-14, Para 11) Cabinetry hardware, knobs and pulls, Emtek

1) Prefinished Hardwood Floors, White Oak Floors, 7″ Gotham Oiled, Vintage Hardwood Flooring 2) Wall Colour, Courtyard P5220-44, Para 3) Custom Mouldings, Mouldex Moulding  4) Upholstery fabrics, drapery, pillows, Robert Allen  5) Chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces, side tables, Union Lighting & Furnishings 6) Area Rug, Speers Road Broadloom 7) Custom Upholstered Furniture, Jane by Jane Lockhart 8) Terrace Doors and Windows, Pollard Windows & Doors 9) Fireplace Surround, Cambria 10) Canvases – Above Fireplace: by Julie Cosgrove, Foyer: by Paul Tom, Harbour Gallery

1) Custom Railings, Bolton Railings 2) Foyer Chandelier & Sconces, Union Lighting & Furnishings 3) Staircase, Millennium Woodworking  4) Wall Color, Out for a Stroll P5204-14, Para  5) Staircase Lighting, Vaughan Electric


Elevator, Cambridge Elevating; Paint Colors, Village of Yorkville P5220-62, Courtyard P5220-44, Too Hot to Handle P5078-85; Para


Masonry, Permacon

Mouldings, Mouldex Mouldings

Pool, Betz

Pool Dehumidification, Soresco

Pool Equipment, Jandy/Zodiac

Pool Safety Cover, Coverstar/Latham

Roofing Materials, CertainTeed

  • Luxury Series:, Presidential Shake (Charcoal Black), Winterguard, DiamondDeck

Stucco, DuRock


Design, Jane Lockhart Design

Agilia Screed A Installer, Mack Constructions

Carpenter, Pestill Carpentry

Custom Home Builder, Hard at Work

Electrician, Master Flash Electric

Exterior Sealing/Caulking, Costa Caulking

Drywall Contractors, Interac Contractors 

Landscapers, Ronspar Construction

Mechanical Contractor, Thermal Concepts

Painters, Painters Plus

Plumbing Contractors, Accuflo Plumbing Solutions

Tile Setter, Reliable Restoration

Well Drillers, Dale Baranieski Well Drilling

Materials Throughout

Audio/Visual and Electronics Integration, Design Electronics

Custom Stairs, Millennium Woodworking

Door Hardware, Taymor

Drywall, CertainTeed

  • Habito
  • GlasRoc Exterior Sheathing
  • Flex
  • Interior Ceiling

Electrical Supplies, Vaughan Electrical

Flooring, Vintage Hardwood Flooring

  • White Oak Floors, 7″ Gotham Oiled

Floor Protection, Ramboard

  • Ram Board
  • Trash Box
  • Ram Jamb
  • Seam Tape

High Efficiency ECM Circulators and Pumps, Taco Comfort Solutions

Insulation, Roxul

  • Roxul ComfortBatt
  • Roxul Safe’n’Sound

Insultarp (basement), Insulation Solutions

Lumber, Turkstra

Recessed Lighting, Philips

Sakrete Construction Adhesive, King Packaged Materials

Septic Filters, Pump, Panel, Rainwater Harvester, Waterloo Biofilter

Septic Tanks, Newmarket Pre-Cast Concrete Products

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Kidde Canada

Whole Home Steam Humidifier, Aprilaire

Sun Tunnels, Velux

On-Site Storage, Go Minis

Pipes & Fittings, IPEX HomeRite

  • ABS pipes & fittings
  • PVC pipes & fittings
  • Poly pipe
  • Electrical conduit

Plumbing, Water Lines, Hydronic Floor Heating System, Uponor

Ready-Mix Floor Topping, Lafarge

Tools, Milwaukee, RIDGID, RYOBI

Water Treatment Systems, Kinetico Water Systems

Windows & Doors, Pollard Windows & Doors

  • Windows – Advantage Line, Glass: Low E (NC), Argon, Colour: Commercial Brown (BR 230), Grills: Colonial
  • Front Door – Classic Door, Mahogany, Landscape decorative wood panel with raised moulding, flat Patina caming with Glacier glass in side lites

Wood Trim / Mouldings, Aurora Custom Mouldings