Scott’s House Call – Tween Bedroom Makeover

I have two young daughters, and I know how fickle they can be. One day they’re into princesses, and the next they’re into astronauts. Every day their tastes change, and so does their style. So when Sharon called me to say that she needed help with her daughter’s room, I completely understood.

Ella had been living with the same decor since she was a toddler, and she desperately wanted something different. Sharon agreed that it was time for a new look, but she was adamant that it be simple enough to last Ella through her teen years. Even though Ella’s style will continue to evolve, with University coming up in a few years, Sharon and her husband need to be careful about where and how they spend their money. So using my experience as a Dad with two daughters, I got to work creating a tween bedroom that can easily evolve into an oasis fit for a teen.

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Mattress; Stearns & Foster; Carpet, Carpet Direct; Furniture, The Brick; Okanagan 4 Light Semi Flush Mount & Okanagan 4 Light Flush Mount, DVI Lighting; Paint, Tropic Sea 112G, Stream Blue 112d, White Design WH03, Para Paints.


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