The Real Estate Rebel is a brand new podcast from Canadian real estate influencer Scott McGillivray. In each episode Scott and his expert guests cover everything buyers, sellers and investors need to know about navigating today’s market.

Episode 1 Everything You Need to Know About Buying Your First Income Property

So you want to be a real estate millionaire. Great! But where do you start? In this first episode of the Real Estate Rebel, Scott McGillivray spills his secrets about how he acquired his first property and what you need to know to do it too.

Thinking of purchasing your first income property? Check out the following resources before you dive in head first.

Episode 2Fake News: 5 Real Estate Market Myths (and 2 that are true!)

These real estate tips have been ingrained in all of us, but guess what? They’re not true. At least, not always… Scott and his guest, Frank Leo, (the highest individual selling Re/Max agent in the world!) will explain why these common theories don’t always apply.

Looking for more real estate tips? Check out the resources below. And if you’re buying or selling in Toronto be sure to visit Frank Leo’s website.

Episode 3Secrets to Securing Financing

Scott and his special guest, Kevin Reid of CIBC, discuss what it takes to secure financing for your home purchase – whether it’s your primary residence or an income property.

To learn more about financing through CIBC please visit their website. And check out the articles below for some easy finance and mortgage info.

Episode 4Coming Soon

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