Trusted Partners

When renovating or investing in real estate, I am always on the lookout for quality products and services that offer fresh solutions, innovative design and durability, to make sure I’m getting a good return on my investment.

I’ve chosen to partner with the following companies because they have proven time and again to uphold these qualities. I hope they can be as much help with your investments as they are with mine.

Through this exciting strategic partnership we feel that District REIT will be well positioned to provide an opportunity for individual investors to be involved in real estate investment properties without the hassle or time commitments of traditional property investing

Scott McGillivray

Own a portfolio of Commercial & Multi-Residential properties, without the hassles of traditional real estate management.

A Real Estate Investment Trust, or REIT, is like a traditional mutual fund that pools investor capital for the purpose of investing in a portfolio of assets managed by professionals. A REIT invests in income-producing real estate and makes investing in office buildings, apartments and commercial real estate easy and hassle-free. The McGillivray Group is proud to be partnering with District Property Trust to bring investors this exciting new real estate investment opportunity.

District’s management team is committed to delivering predictable, tax-efficient cash flow and value enhancement through its strategic execution and prudent risk mitigation strategies. The real estate team has a proven track record in acquiring, managing and creating value over the last 35+ years. The REIT benefits from Valour Group’s extensive relationships with industry players to source and finance qualified income properties. For more information please read our press release, or visit