Valentine’s Day Craft Project with the Kids

Valentine’s Day used to be all about romance, but since my two daughters have come on the scene champagne has been replaced by juice boxes and candlelight dinners have been replaced by craft parties. So this year I decided it would be fun for the girls and I to make a special present for my wife, Sabrina. I found this project on Pinterest and decided it would be a fun craft to try with the girls.

This is a pretty simple project but you’ll definitely need an adult to deal with some of the setup since it involves nailing and stapling. Check out the video for all the materials you’ll need.

Once you’ve got everything set up you can let the kids go to town with the painting. We tried to stick with a pink theme but Myah insisted on expressing her creativity with some different colors. Not very Valentine-y, but she’s the boss (seriously, she’s got me wrapped around that tiny little finger of hers). Even Layla got involved and was able to try her hand at painting (with a little help from Dad).

Scott McGillivray Valentine's Project 1

When it came time to do the nailing I let Myah help a little bit, but her attention span is pretty short since she’s only three years old, so I took over. Same thing with attaching the string. She tried a little bit and had fun, but I ended up doing the bulk of the work.

Scott McGillivray Valentine's Project 2

Here are a few images of what our project looked like throughout the process. It took us a while to settle on a style, but we eventually got there!

Scott McGillivray Valentine's Project 3

In the end Myah was super proud of what she accomplished. She felt great that she played such a big part in Mom’s Valentine’s day present and she can’t wait to give it to her on the big day.

Scott McGillivray Valentine's Project 4




Update Feb 17th, 2015…


Good news – she liked it 🙂

Sabrina's Valentine

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