Vinyl is the New Black

A few years ago when I started going to a lot of red carpet and black tie events, I realized that it was time to invest in a classic black tux. I needed a reliable go-to that was going to be as functional as it was attractive and sharp. Five years later, it still looks as good as the day I bought it.

It’s that same reasoning that made me start using more vinyl products on Income Property and my own reno projects. While people tend to think of going with vinyl when they replace their windows or plumbing, the options for high-quality, stylish, and value-adding vinyl products have skyrocketed in the past decade, making it as good an investment as that timeless black tux.

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Classic & Timeless

Vinyl products – like my tux – have the distinct feature of achieving a classic look that stand the test of time, style-wise. A great example is vinyl floors. Most luxury vinyl plank flooring mimics the look of hardwood, so you get the look without the huge price tag. In fact, new 3D printing technology can visually recreate the grain, tone, and thickness of hardwood so accurately, it almost looks more real than the real thing. Hardwood flooring has always been the standard when it comes to a classic flooring look, and while specific colors and widths may go in and out of style, the product itself doesn’t. Vinyl is the same, but also lasts longer and with the added bonus of being versatile enough to use in locations where you can’t lay hardwood. Basements and other high humidity rooms, like bathrooms, aren’t suitable for hardwood, so if you want a uniform floor throughout your entire home, vinyl is the way to go.


Nothing can stand the wear and tear of everyday life quite like vinyl – all while requiring less maintenance. People, weather, and time all take a toll on your home, both inside and out, so the choice to go with a product that can take the abuse while requiring almost no upkeep seems like a no-brainer.

One of my favorite vinyl products for durability is vinyl decking, so much so that I installed a vinyl deck at my own home. Decks are expensive and wood decks need maintenance every year. Vinyl decks not only look awesome, but they outlast and outperform wood decks on every level. Vinyl decks are scratch and stain resistant and hold up against insects, mold, and mildew. Vinyl doesn’t splinter like wood and doesn’t contain the same dangerous chemicals that are found in pressure treated wood. A bonus? Vinyl decking comes in tons of colors and styles all at around the same price point (as opposed to the varying prices for exotic woods).

Functional and Attractive

For 10 seasons of Income Property, my goal has always been to create suites that, after being safe and legal, look great and function flawlessly. One of the ways I achieve all of those elements in the apartment designs is by using vinyl products. But we’re not just talking floors and windows – using vinyl on the exterior of you home is an easy way to keep the value up and make it stand out in your neighborhood.

When it comes to siding for your home, vinyl really is the perfect balance between “fashion” and “function”. Long gone are the days of flimsy, cheap-looking vinyl siding that only came in 3 shades of beige. Vinyl siding comes in dozens of colors, textures, and profiles and outperforms other exterior options, like wooden clapboard siding. Functionally, it can withstand high winds, extreme hot and cold, and high moisture. If you opt for insulated siding, it will add some R-value (simply, the level of insulating power it adds to a house), which helps with energy efficiency. Vinyl siding also has the lowest total installed cost of any exterior cladding option and is one of the few materials that complies with the stringent National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements for insulating electrical and data transmission cables.

As for the “fashion”, vinyl siding – much like vinyl floors – does an exceptional job of mimicking other materials such as wood, stone, or slate. But it does so at a fraction of the price all while being easier to install and out-performing the material it’s emulating.

When it comes to home renos, compromising on quality isn’t an option. Vinyl products check all the boxes required for use in my own projects as well as the ones we complete for Income Property. I invested in that perfect black tux because I knew it was a smart investment that would pay for itself in the long run. Vinyl? Same thing.

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For more information please visit Vinyl is Beautiful or the Vinyl Council of Canada’s Featured Partner page on my website.



Photos courtesy of RTR Media / Income Property

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