Vinyl Siding & Curb Appeal

Vinyl Siding and Curb Appeal

When it comes to selling your house few things are as important as curb appeal. After all, if you can’t get people interested in the outside, how will you ever get them inside? And given that as many as 75% of people drive by a property after seeing the listing online, you want to make sure it always looks its best. One of the ways to ensure your house looks top notch at all times is to use exterior materials that always look good, no matter what the time of year, and no matter what the elements may inflict on them. Because regardless of the landscaping or any other bells and whistles you may add, your home’s exterior is what people will see and react to first.

Over the years vinyl siding has become one of the most popular choices for homes in North America. Here are a few of the reasons why.

Vinyl Siding Tips

Vinyl Siding Colors

When it comes to color and style no material offers as many options as vinyl. Once considered a little bland and boring, vinyl siding is now available in a rich variety of UV resistant colors that won’t fade from the sun. While the color you choose should ultimately reflect the style of the neighbourhood and the style of the home, the current trend is towards dark colors such as navy and charcoal. These deep, dark colors give homes a strong, solid appearance and make them stand out in the best possible way.

A Style for Everyone

Whether your home is contemporary, traditional, or something in between, there’s a style of siding to suit. Vinyl comes in planks and shingles, and features various designs including beautiful wood grains that capture the look and feel of natural wood without the added maintenance (it won’t warp, buckle or sag, and it resists damage from insects and moisture). You get an authentic look without the downside that comes with organic materials. And with a complete range of soffits, trims and accessories, including decorative mouldings, modular corners and surround mouldings, you can create a look to suit any style of home.

Vinyl Siding Tips

Vinyl Siding Maintenance

Nothing can stand the wear and tear nature inflicts like vinyl siding. It can handle the summer heat, the freezing cold of winter, the violent power of hail, and in some cases even hurricane force winds. It will retain its color for years, and as far as cleaning goes, all you need is a soft cloth and a garden hose to keep it looking as good as new. It’s this durability and low maintenance appeal that serves as the reason why so many homeowners are abandoning actual wood shingles and clapboard for vinyl.

Return on Investment

Your home is your biggest asset, so choosing products that will offer you the best value and return on investment should always be top of mind. One of the main reasons vinyl siding has become a favourite of North American homeowners is because it’s one of the most affordable options on the market. Of all types of home siding, vinyl has the least expensive installed cost, ranging from about $3 – 7$ a square foot, installed. When combined with its long lifespan and the added savings from little to no- maintenance requirements, vinyl clearly comes out on top when it comes to cost.

Vinyl Siding and Curb Appeal

Installing new vinyl siding can take your home’s exterior from drab and dull to clean and bright, giving you some great curb appeal at a great price. When it comes to return on investment you ultimately always need to let the style of the neighbourhood dictate your exterior choices, but vinyl is proving to be a smart and stylish choice in neighbourhoods throughout North America.

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