Love your kitchen! It's the heart of your home and the number
one room when it comes to achieving a great return on investment.

Once you've made the decision to redesign your kitchen, balancing style, function, and budget can be challenging. Whether you're tackling a single DIY project, or doing a complete overhaul, you'll find inspiration, tips, and tools here to help you take ownership of your project and start making informed decisions that will deliver that dream kitchen you desire.
Need Inspiration?

  • A solid stone backsplash blends seamlessly with the countertop and opens up the space, making it feel bigger than it really is.
  • Stainless steel appliances work with every style and color palette. They're your best best when it comes to longevity and return on investment.
  • A oversize island with an additional 12" overhang provides room for counter stools and eliminates the need for a table.
  • Dark cabinetry was used for the base of the island as a way to add visual weight and ground the space.
  • In a small space it's wise to keep metal finishes the same tone, but mix shiny with matte in order to create depth.
  • Keep everyday items convenient and easy to access.But remember that those on display should compliment the rest of the finishes.

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Smart Storage Solutions
Sufficient storage is an issue in almost every kitchen. And in a small kitchen it can be particularly difficult. The key to making your space work for you both visually and functionally is making the most of every inch and incorporating smart storage solutions. When designing a kitchen keep the following elements in mind.

APPLIANCE GARAGE. Great for keeping small appliances like coffee makers and toasters accessible but out of sight. An outlet installed in the back of the cabinet must be set on a relay so the power automatically shuts off when the doors are closed.

ROLL OUT DRAWERS. Help to maximize a kitchen's storage space while minimizing the number of drawer fronts. Hidden roll outs are perfect for base cabinets ensuring nothing gets forgotten about in the back.

SINK. With graduated ledges on either side, this sink can hold a cutting board, colander, dish pan and drying rack - either one at a time or all at once. It becomes a functional workstation and helps keep your counter clean and free of clutter.

ISLAND. Extending a kitchen island by 12" and including an overhang for stools allows for extra storage underneath and eliminates the need for a table.

Be sure to incorporate “smart design” elements in your kitchen. Charging stations for phones and tablets will make your life easier, as will places to prop them up so you can easily look up recipes or watch videos.

"Contrary to popular belief, light cabinets are better at
hiding dirt than dark ones.

It’s just one of the reasons white kitchens continue to
dominate and offer the best return on investment."
Scott McGillivray

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