With years of real estate investing and home renovation experience, Scott McGillivray’s career has been made on increasing a property’s worth. Now he’s teaming up with rookie real estate investors to show them how it’s done and, for the first time ever, he’s paying the renovation bill!

Here’s the deal:  Two rookie investors pitch Scott their investment property.  Scott picks one set of homeowners and their property that he thinks has the best chance of making a profit.  Scott offers up his own cash and the new partners work with Scott to get the reno done, all while learning from Scott along the way.

Will these partners sell their newly renovated property for a profit? After the Open House, they will find out if they’re going to both walk away with extra cash in their pockets. We follow the partnerships to not only see the beautiful reveals, but also to see whether it’s been a successful partnership or a bad investment. Never have the risks been so high and potential rewards so sweet.


Scott's Real

Simplicity Meets Profitability – Experience the Power of Passive Investing

The Scott McGillivray Real Estate Fund is an exclusive opportunity to invest passively alongside Scott McGillivray and his trusted team of real estate professionals.

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