Scott turns problem properties into profit in his new series, Scott’s Vacation House Rules. With years of smart real estate investing and renovation experience, Scott and his secret design weapon, Debra Salmoni, unlock the rental potential of even the most uninspired properties. Finding and transforming tired, dated, and rundown spaces into unique and buzz-worthy Canadian cottage hotspots, the series proves that any dream property is always within reach if you follow Scott’s Vacation House Rules.


Scott’s Vacation House Rules – Season 4

Ep 1 – Cliffside Cabin

Blake bought the ugliest cottage on the street. Luckily, that street was the same one his best friend and vacation house expert, Scott McGillivray had his own cottage on. With a little help from Debra Salmoni and friends, they set out to bring rustic chic to this rundown cliffside cabin. 

Cliffside Cabin Living Room featuring Scott McGillivray Collection Weston Light Fixture

Ep 2 – Breezy Beach House

Sister-in-laws Amanda and Emily always wanted a beachfront getaway of their own. To do so, they combined their finances to buy their ‘ugly duckling’ retreat. With a poor layout, lackluster exterior, and several layers of wood paneling, they needed assistance. With the help of Scott McGillivray and Debra Salmoni, they began making their breezy beach house a reality.

Breezy Beach House bathroom featuring Scott McGillivray Collection Newport Light Fixture

Ep 3 – Limitless Lake House

When Emma and Clayton inherited their family cottage, along with Emma’s brother Bill, they knew it needed work. The cottage, which sat lakeside, wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t living up to it’s potential. It was broken up in an inconvenient layout, with multiple disjointed levels. This was a problem for Emma, who suffers from M.S. The family needed help turning their compartmentalized cottage into a limitless lake house that is both beautiful and accessible. That’s where Scott McGillivray and Debra Salmoni came in.

Ep 4 – Coastal Cabin

After putting in the time to learn Scott’s Vacation House Rules, Kelly and Paul purchased their own rental cabin. Taking such a big step is daunting, but thankfully Scott McGillivray and Debra Salmoni were there to help. Despite the cottage’s rough state, they saw the potential in its sandy turquoise waters. Together the team took on everything from pests in flooring covered walls to dated sixties designs, all to take this problem property to Coastal Cabin.

Ep 5 – Bayside Bungalow

Untouched for 45 years, Adam and Melissa’s future home was stuck in the past. Between rotary phones, mounted fish, and a forest’s worth of pine panelling it felt more museum than home. Hoping to bring it into the 21st century they called Scott McGillivray. With his team and designer Debra Salmoni they started to both futurize and monetize this modern bayside bungalow on Lake Simcoe.

Scott’s Own Vacation House

Scott McGillivray is used to helping others achieve their vacation rental dreams with his hit HGTV Canada series, Scott’s Vacation House Rules. Now, follow along as Scott and his wife Sabrina, with a little help from their daughters and designers Debra Salmoni and Giselle Bullin, transform their own Kawartha Lakes property into a family home with infinite income potential. It’s a big job: there are three cottages, a boathouse, a playhouse and a vacant lot to redo — all on a $600,000 budget! Check back in each week to see even more stunning photos as the renovations continue.

Ep 1 – Beach House

Ep. 2 – The Playhouse/Powerhouse

Ep. 3 – The Lodge

Ep. 4 – The Boathouse

Scott’s Vacation House Rules – Season 3

Ep. 1 – Scandi Ski Chalet

Scott and designer Debra Salmoni transformed this tired property into a gorgeous, Scandinavian-themed ski chalet that’s full of hygge.

Ep. 2 – Highland Lodge

Fitness instructors Cindy and Sean own a historic 150-year-old cabin in Muskoka. They’re hoping to rent it out to fund their travel plans, but first they want the years of add-ons remodeled. Scott McGillivray and his team take on this project.

Ep. 3 – Boho Boathouse

Scott and designer Debra transform a neglected boathouse on the scenic Lake of Bays into a dreamy boho-inspired retreat.

Ep. 4 – Lakeview Farmhouse

Marc, a fire captain in the city, buys a farmhouse to create some family memories with his son, and daughter Megan; however, it’s pretty clear this rundown place was built purely for function.

Ep. 5 – Throwback Getaway

Scott sees the potential to pay homage to the 1980s and create a retro rockin’ throwback getaway by renovating Erin and Gerald’s rundown cottage that they don’t use.

Ep. 6 – Homestead Hideaway

Homeowners Reesha and Duncan purchased a rundown lakeside cabin to rent out and generate income for their growing family. Scott and his team help transform their cabin into a beautiful retreat.

Ep. 7 – Classic Cabin

After going more than half a century without renovations, Julia and John are hoping their worn out family cabin, which was built by John’s grandfather, can start generating money for them.

Ep. 8 – Playful Paradise

Rowan and his son, Curtis, bought a three-bedroom lake house to enjoy and rent out for part of the year. But the property is looking bland and boring. Scott decides to turn this place into a playful paradise to match the energetic personas of the buyers.

Ep. 9 – Northern Getaway

Empty nesters Darlene and James have a family cottage located on the Moon River that’s in bad need of repair.

Ep. 10 – European Villa

Anita’s dad’s Muskoka cottage has strong bones but is very outdated, so she wants to turn it into a place that will both honor his legacy and generate an income so the family can hold onto the property.

Ep. 11 – Funky Farmhouse

Scott McGillivray and Debra Salmoni tap into their rancher skills to turn a couple’s historic home into a truly funky farmhouse.

Scott’s Vacation House Rules – Season 2

Ep. 1 – Falling Water

Mother and son team Elli and Clark desperately need Scott’s help transforming their neglected cabin into a successful vacation rental. With a tranquil waterfall just steps from the front door, Scott plunges into a design plan that immerses renters in the experience of the nearby waterfall. Very quickly, Scott uncovers some big surprises – and more water than he bargained for.

Ep. 2 – Game-Time Getaway

Homeowners Jackie and Teresa purchased an aging two-bedroom property, with the goal of generating income for their retirement. They desperately need Scott’s help transforming the haphazard, gloomy layout into a bright and spacious vacation rental that will help build their nest egg. Scott brings his A-game with a fun, games-themed rental that makes every renter feel like a winner.

Ep. 3 – Artisitic Retreat

The former art studio at the back of Sarah and Nick’s property does little more than store junk — but what if it could generate income to finance their future goals? Inspired by the building’s previous identity, Scott harnesses his creativity and transforms it into an artistic retreat that doubles as a gallery where paying guests can view and buy the work of local artists.

Ep. 4 – Parent’s Paradise

Aleisha and Justin’s rundown vacation property can’t be rented in the state it’s in.  Scott gives it a new lease on life by making in more attractive to the largest demographic in the vacation rental market — parents with young children. A week by the lake is the most popular vacation for young families so Scott adds fun, family-friendly amenities that will keep this property booked year after year.

Ep 5. – Back to the Future

Christine and Sam’s newly purchased vacation property looks like a time capsule from the 1970’s. Scott harnesses the swinging 70’s look of the gives it a new lease on life with a relaxed, California inspired beachy vibe, worthy of those epic sunsets.

Ep 6. – Hawks Nest

With property taxes and maintenance fees going through the roof, Tara-Lee and Bryan need their rarely used vacation rental to start paying for itself. With soaring cliff-top views, Scott’s renovation takes flight with an unforgettable ‘Hawks Nest’ themed design.

Ep. 7 – Country Charmer

Sisters Erin and Megan fell in love with the charm of Prince Edward County and set about renovating a century old farmhouse. Now exhausted and running low on funds, they need Scott to guide them across the finish line. Scott carefully preserves the original charm of the farmhouse to create a farm fresh experience renters will pay top dollar for.

Ep. 8 – Executive Lodge

After purchasing a million dollar party lodge where privacy and walls weren’t a priority, Chris and David desperately need Scott’s help turning it into a successful vacation rental. With soaring cathedral ceilings, three stone fireplaces and lake views at every turn, Scott sets out transforming the property into an executive-style lodge that will command top dollar.

Ep. 9 – Winter Wonderland

Siblings Sherri and Mark enjoy their family property all summer long but it’s rarely used in the winter. To take advantage of the lucrative winter rental season – Scott transforms the property into a paradise for anyone ready to hit the snowmobile trails, ice fish or just curl up in front of the fireplace with a good book.

Ep. 10 – Canoe Club

Inside and out, Nadia’s cabin in the woods looks more like the type of dull, dated suburban home renters are trying to escape for a week. To generate much needed rental income, Scott injects the property with a fun canoe theme design that transforms the property into the northern adventure it was always meant to be.

Ep. 11 – Bienvenido a Casa

After a recent fire and years of neglect, sisters Jessica, Sabrina and Sue need Scott’s help turning a giant problem into profit; inspired by the family’s South American heritage, Scott sets out to create a Spanish Revival.

Ep. 12 – Country Club

Elena and Kelly’s property resembles a giant beige box with almost nothing that attracts renters both inside and out. Scott changes all that with an ambitious Country Club inspired theme that turns the anonymous beige box into a vacation destination — complete with its own mini-golf course.

Ep 13. – Beach Bungalow

With rolling sand dunes, powdery sand and epic sunsets just outside the door, Eva and Stewart should have no problem renting their beachside property. Problem is, no one has renovated the place since the 1970’s. Scott gives it a new lease on life with a relaxed, California-inspired beachy vibe, worthy of those epic sunsets.

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