4 Overlooked Smart Moves for Home Buyers

Smart moves for home buyers

Take advantage of your most valuable asset, YOU.

When it comes to real estate you should never underestimate what you can do yourself, and not just when selling, but when buying too. I’m always amazed when I meet smart people who have opted out of making choices when it comes to buying—starting with how they find the agent that helps them buy their home. Just because the agent is at the open house you scoped out online doesn’t mean they’re perfect for you- in fact, you already did the work and found the house on your own!

This is my point. You can do a lot of the prep work on your own—researching neighborhoods, school districts, walkability ratings—things you used to have to pay an agent for. But the real estate industry is changing quickly and traditional agency models with their inherently high commissions are no longer the only game in town. New real estate services like Owners.com provide you with a knowledgeable local buyer’s agent, and may offer you a buyer’s rebate on eligible properties, which can mean up to thousands of dollars back to you at closing. So shop agents, shop real estate companies and don’t be afraid to embrace the new. You have choices throughout the buying process; don’t opt out of any of them.

Don’t Be Photophobic

Ok, I’ve already established that you might be underestimating yourself. So let’s put it to the test. Go online and find a home with no photos. I’ve said this before but this could be a great opportunity that everyone else in your target neighborhood is overlooking. If it’s in your budget and fits your needs, go check it out. You could find a true gem or at least a great deal on a home you can make into a dream home.

And, on the flip side, don’t let glossy professional photos fool you into assuming a house is out of your reach. Savvy sellers put time and money into staging their house to look like a Pinterest ™ showpiece- and sometimes tick up the price without considering comparable properties. If you love the house but the price feels a bit too high, do your research. Chances are you can negotiate what the market really dictates and get to the closing table.

Don’t Buy the Perfect House

Too many people walk out of a house because the carpets are ugly, there’s a funny smell or they get overwhelmed by room after room of dated wallpaper. They’re looking for perfection in every room and can’t see the bones beneath. And they miss out on great homes. I’ve found that people are happiest with their purchases when the home’s potential matches the buyer’s “actual”. That means look for something that you can make perfect for you. Can you paint? Then don’t worry so much about the colors. Does the price give you some breathing room on your budget? Then hire someone for the big stuff. Does your life really allow you to buy a fixer-upper? It’s ok, not everyone loves to DIY. The most important features of a house are what cannot be changed- if you want to host a soccer game in your yard, don’t buy a home on a village lot. If you want to walk to town, don’t buy a home in the woods. Your lifestyle is what should dictate your house choice, not that horrible 80’s wallpaper.

Have it Both Ways

Ok here’s where I’m going to contradict myself. Sometimes you should stick with the tried and true ways of buying. Don’t get me started about home inspections. NEVER SKIP A HOME INSPECTION. But you don’t have to go with the same old real estate process. This is why I’m so excited about Owners.com. Owners.com lets buyers use easy-to-use online tools and take more control of the process and in return they may get a rebate at closing, which in most cases is thousands of dollars on eligible properties. Local Owners.com agents are there every step of the way to help you through close but the process is more streamlined and efficient than the clunky traditional model. With Owners.com it’s a win-win. The expert support you want and serious money back at the end.


I hope this helps. The key is that smart home buyers don’t overlook opportunities to save money AND get the home they’ve dreamed of.


See the Owners.com terms and conditions.


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