5 Decorating Tips for Vacation Rentals

You don’t have to spend a fortune decorating, but there are a few important tips for vacation rentals that you should know before you rent out your property.

Keep it Comfortable But Durable

Vacation rentals tend to take a beating. People track in dirt, sit on the furniture in wet bathing suits, drop sports equipment all over the place, and generally make a bit of a mess. So make sure that the furniture is comfortable but also durable.  Put slipcovers on the sofa, use area rugs that can easily be taken out and cleaned, and don’t decorate with anything too precious or breakable. You can decorate in a practical way that will still make guests feel they’re getting something special.

Keep Your Furnishings Consistent With Your Rental Rates

Having said all of the above, you can’t charge high-end prices and have a place full of flea market furniture. Nor do you want to charge too little for a luxury retreat. Keep your pricing consistent with what you’re offering and make sure you check the comps in the area.

Maximize Sleeping Areas

Cottages, cabins and chalets are meant for lots of people, and if you’ve got one you better believe people are going to show up to use it – likely more than you bargained for. Plan your sleeping areas to accommodate extra overnight guests, because it will happen. Think about things like bunk beds, futons, sleeper sofas, and even have a few air mattresses on hand.

Cottage sleeping areas

When it Comes to the Dining Table, Bigger is Better

Dining tables become gathering places in most vacation homes. It’s where everyone gathers to eat, play games – whatever. Make sure you’ve got a space big enough to accommodate a large group of people. If your property is small think about purchasing a drop leaf table or another type of modular table that can grow or shrink as necessary.

Cottage Dining Table

Treat the Outdoors Like an Extension of the Indoors

When people go on vacation they want to spend time outdoors. Make sure you’ve got an outdoor space that’s equally as comfortable and inviting as the inside of the home. Create a conversation area and/or eating area where people will want to spend time. Even in a winter rental, it’s still a nice idea to have some type of gathering spot outside – maybe around a fire pit if the local bylaws allow it.

Cottage Deck

If you haven’t bought a property yet make sure you check out my top tips for buying a vacation rental.


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