Add Value to Your Home with Windows and Doors

Updating windows and doors is a great way to add value to your home. In fact, both are often at the top of the list for homeowners ready to sell.  Here are a few reasons why.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient windows are high on the list of features that buyers are looking for, especially in older houses that are more expensive to heat. While it may be difficult to get back your total investment on top-of-the-line models, good quality vinyl windows can often return up to 100% of their cost. Energy efficient windows provide insulation, keeping warm air in during the cold months, and keeping heat from the sun out during the hot months, lowering your energy bills in the process.

Doors also play an important role when it comes to energy efficiency, particularly steel and fiberglass doors, with tight seals providing insulation and draft protection.

Curb Appeal

Windows and doors can both contribute a huge amount to your home’s curb appeal, and they are an extremely important part of a home’s functional exterior. Because of their aesthetic and practical function, windows and doors are something that homebuyers always pay attention to.

When it comes to windows there’s a huge variety of styles and colours to choose from. The style of your house will usually dictate the kind of window you choose, but remember that different styles also function differently and serve different purposes, so keep this in mind when selecting what you feel is best for your home.

Also, your front door should be a reflection of the home’s interior design and a hallmark of its exterior appeal. It’s the first thing a buyer will notice as they enter the home. As with everything else, first impressions matter.


Windows and doors are the entry points to your home, so security is an important consideration.  A new door will not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the property but will also improve its security and energy efficiency. 

Natural Light

Never underestimate how much people value light, bright interiors. Maximizing the amount of natural sunlight coming into a house is an important step in raising its value. When choosing a front door consider one with double-pane windows to let in as much light as possible. If privacy is a concern, there are plenty of styles and frosted versions available to let the light in without allowing people to look inside.


One of the most important parts of making sure window upgrades really do add value to your home is with proper installation. A “brick-to-brick” installation is always a good suggestion, which means removing both the old windows and the frames. It costs a little more than simply replacing the window glass (which some people do in order to save money) but you get the advantages of bigger windows, insulated frames, and proper seals. The same goes for doors. Proper installation is key to ensuring energy efficiency, security, and return on investment.

You can also consider enlarging the window openings themselves if you want to replace old windows with bigger ones, but this requires a building permit and specialized work that can be a bit pricey. The expense may very well be worth it if the new windows increase the light inside and improve the curb appeal of the house, but make sure to take the additional cost into consideration.

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