All Hands on Deck!

Every year when warmer weather starts to roll around, my wife and I see our neighbour out on his deck scrubbing, sanding, and staining trying to get it ready for summer. Us? I’m kicking back in my lounger, mojito in hand, and prepping the grill. My wife is getting Zen doing yoga under the pergola. The kids are playing barefoot and blowing bubbles.

So what allows us to bypass the maintenance and head straight to Mojito-ville? That’s easy – our vinyl deck.

Scott McGillivray Deck

Mind Over Maintenance

Do you own a garden hose? Great. You just gathered all the items you need to maintain your vinyl deck. The beauty of vinyl decking (besides the actual beauty, but we’ll get to that) is that once it’s down, it’s down. You can lose up to a week of deck usage due to maintenance on traditional decks, and we all know that in Canada, you can’t afford to lose a week in summer! With vinyl decking, you just need to give it a good rinse at the beginning of the season and you’re good to go. There’s no painting, staining, or sealing required. And since vinyl decks can last for decades, when you do the math, the return on investment is very high.

Materials Matter

If you are thinking of changing your deck you’ll know that one of the greatest challenges is creating harmony between your outside space and indoor style. Vinyl decking solves that problem by not only allowing a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors, but also gives you the ability to match your decking with your siding using some of the newer vinyl technologies.

Let’s face it – vinyl decking looks fantastic and is super versatile. It’s a modern product that can look contemporary or traditional, depending on your style and stays looking that way for the duration of the deck’s life. Certain wood products are only suitable for certain climates, but with vinyl products that mimic the look of wood (even more realistically than actual wood in many cases) you can have whatever look you want, be it a tropical hardwood that would be prohibitively expensive to import; or a rustic, weathered look without the pain of having to go out searching for reclaimed barn board.

Your backyard should be your oasis – a sanctuary where you can escape and relax with your family and friends. Vinyl decking, no matter what the style, can help make your backyard your own private retreat with its unique balance of comfort and luxury. So no matter if you’re just catching some rays or grilling burgers for the family, a vinyl deck can help create your perfect backyard space.

VCC Deck 1

The “Proof” is in the Performance

One of the great things about vinyl is how tough and durable it is. Vinyl decking stands up to pretty much anything you can throw at it. Have a clumsy friend who’s always spilling red wine at your backyard BBQs? No problem – vinyl decking is stain-proof. Have a family pet with sharp claws? Don’t worry about it – vinyl decking is scratch resistant. And Mother Nature? No match for the weather and fading resistance provided by vinyl decking, including resistance to mold and mildew if you happen to live in a particularly wet climate.

Safety First (and second, and third…)

As a dad with two young children, safety is always top of mind, so having safe materials inside and outside my home is a big consideration. One of the reasons I chose vinyl decking for my own backyard is for its safety features. It’s inherently slip resistant when wet, which is an extra bonus around a pool, and the lack of nails and screws used in installation means no sharp edges popping up. Also, unlike wood, vinyl decks won’t splinter, so feel free to go barefoot!

Vinyl Decking

Choosing a deck means zero compromise when it comes to style, investment, maintenance, and safety. The bonus? You, your deck and your mojitos will be the envy of all your neighbours!



Photos courtesy of Scott McGillivray and the Vinyl Council of Canada


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