Creating a Custom Dining Room Servery with Wood Crest

Decorating open-concept spaces can be challenging. Generally speaking, you want each room to have its own look and feel, yet they still need to tie together in order to create a cohesive space.

When I was decorating my own vacation property, I was working with an open-concept space consisting of the kitchen, dining area and living room. We knew exactly what we wanted for the kitchen and living room, but we had some struggles with the dining area. We needed some storage for extra dishes, drink ware and bar accessories, but we couldn’t find a storage piece that had all the components we wanted, and that would properly fit the space.

Enter Wood Crest.

We had used two different colours of Wood Crest Cabinetry in the kitchen, and since the dining room was a natural extension of the space, we decided that the best solution for our dining room was to build a custom dining room servery using one of them. We opted for the same colour as the kitchen island – enough of a connection to make the spaces feel tied together, but enough separation that they still feel like two different zones.

We couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. Not only were we able to create a multi-functional piece to suit our needs, but the dining room servery fits in perfectly with the space. Check out this video for a closer look.

Whatever your cabinetry needs may be, Wood Crest can offer semi-custom solutions to suit your space. Wood Crest Cabinetry and storage solutions can be purchased through Home Hardware stores across Canada. Please visit for more information.

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