DIY Upcycling Project from Income Property

Everyone knows the old saying that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. In this case I thought this old sink basin – hidden behind some junk in an upstairs bedroom – was trash, but our Income Property homeowner who desperately wanted to save it thought it was a treasure. And it turns out he was right.

Sink Basin - Before

Andrew, one of our homeowners from season 6, was determined to keep this old piece (it dates back to 1938) and even though his friends, family and most of the IP team wanted to toss it, he insisted.

Upcycle 1

It took stripping off 8 layers of 75-year-old paint with a chemical paint remover and the addition of a new top and new hardware, but this vintage beast was turned into a modern beauty. It’s amazing that with just a little bit of effort something so junky can be turned into something so great. It’s even more amazing that I was wrong! (Kidding , of course.)

Upcycle 4

Whenever you come across old pieces it’s worth thinking about how they can be updated and incorporated into your space. Upcycling projects can be big money-savers, they’re eco-friendly in that you’re keeping items out of the landfill, and you can get a unique piece that can’t be found in any store.

To see how the piece looks in the finished space check out this video from my YouTube channel.


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