Father’s Day 2015 – Photo Shoots & Videos & Sweepstakes, oh my!

The day I became a Dad was the greatest day of my life. I was excited and nervous and totally clueless about how much my life would change. My girls Myah and Layla have made everything better, and I can say without a doubt that my life will never be the same. And now that I’m a Dad, Father’s Day is one of my favourite days of the year.

A couple of things have made this Father’s Day a little different than the rest for me. First Myah, Layla and I were lucky enough to be featured in a special father’s day story in People magazine. Myah was into it but Layla wasn’t too impressed… Hopefully some day she’ll appreciate what an awesome opportunity it was. Thanks to everyone at People for putting up with us.

People Mag Father's Day Scott and Layla Crying

Second, I’ve run my first Father’s Day sweepstakes as a way to celebrate all the Dads out there and as a thank you to my fans who have supported me on this awesome journey. I’ve given away 4 prizes so far and there’s one more to go. Hopefully I can make this an annual event!

Scott McGillivray Social Media Father's Day Prizes

And lastly, just for fun, I put together this video. Moms work harder than anyone I know (shoutout to my awesome wife Sabrina!) but whenever I try to do things with my girls I can’t help but notice that everything is geared towards Moms – there’s never any mention of Dads. So I put together this video in honour of all the great Dads out there who are willing to do anything for their kids. I hope you get a kick out of it.

Happy Father’s Day!


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