Father’s Day Sweepstakes Coming Next Week!


Father's Day Contest 2015

Growing up, my Dad was my hero, and my greatest joy in life is trying to be a hero to my daughters Myah and Layla.  So this Father’s Day, to honor all the Dad’s out there, I’m giving 5 lucky winners a special gift to give to their hero.

In the two weeks leading up to Father’s Day I’ll be running a sweepstakes right here on my website. It starts Monday, June 8th at 10am and ends Friday June 19th at 8pm. Over those 12 days I’ll be running 5 “mini contests” each lasting two days, and consisting of its own prize. You can enter for a chance to win each prize and I’ll give you a few different methods of entry for each. Sounds fun, right?

Stay tuned to my website and social media sites for the announcement of each prize starting June 8th.

Thanks, good luck – and Happy Father’s Day!





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