GreenOn Window Rebate

Windows have a massive impact on your home – both functionally and aesthetically. And now there’s good news for homeowners and property owners in Ontario looking to upgrade their windows.

The GreenOn Fund has introduced a rebate program for the installation of select, high-performance windows. So not only can you reduce your energy consumption and add value to your home when you replace your windows, you can actually get money back after you’ve made your purchase.

Why Replace Your Windows?

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to replace your home’s windows. But the main reason why the GreenOn Fund is offering this incentive is to help reduce energy consumption and fight climate change. Windows can account for up to a quarter of your home’s heat loss, which adds up to a lot of wasted energy. It, along with your money, is literally going out the window. By replacing old, inefficient windows with high performance, ENERGY STAR models, your home will be better protected from the elements and you won’t need to use as much energy.

Window Rebate

The dollar amount of the window rebate is pretty substantial. At $500 per window (for up to 10 windows), purchasers may receive a total rebate of up to $5000. When combined with the savings you stand to make on your heating and air conditioning bills over time, the money saved can really add up.

Please note however that this is a rebate, not a discount. Once the installation is finished and the qualifying window installer has been paid in full, he or she will submit the application with proof of payment to the GreenOn Fund. Once it’s been submitted you’ll have to wait approximately 8-12 weeks to receive your cheque in the mail. Please be sure before you start the process that you’re working with an approved GreenON contractor/installer, such as Pollard Windows.


  • In order to qualify for the GreenOn window rebate, the new windows must be installed by an approved GreenON Contractor and a Window Wise Certified Installer.
  • Installations must replace existing windows which includes the window frames, sashes and glass units – also called “brick-to-brick” installation.
  • Qualifying dwellings must be detached, semi-detached or freehold town homes. New home construction, home additions and condominiums do not qualify.
  • Each new window plus installation (labour and materials) must cost a minimum of $501.
  • Windows that are installed to replace doors to not qualify.

Choosing the Right Windows

Before you jump on board and start shopping for new windows, make sure you’ve thought about what styles, materials and colours will work best for your home. For more information check out this article on How to Choose the Right Windows for Your Home. In my own home I chose a vinyl option from Pollard’s Advantage Plus. They look great and provide us with the light, ventilation and insulation requirements we need.

To learn more about the GreenOn Fund please visit their website, and to learn more about Pollard Windows and the Window Rebate Program, please visit


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