How to Decorate a Home Office

Are you finding it difficult to get motivated while working from home? You’re not alone. The new “work-from-home” culture that has permeated 2020 caught a lot of people by surprise, and many are struggling with the new way of doing things.

In my opinion, one of the best ways to get motivated while working from home is to have a proper office space where you can concentrate and block out distractions. For some this will mean a dedicated room, for others it will be a nook in another part of the house. Whatever you have to work with, try to follow these guidelines as best you can.


When it comes to furniture you need a good-sized desk and plenty of storage. The storage can come in whatever form works best for your space, but wherever possible, opt for as much storage as you can fit. That means using both horizontal and vertical space. In this room we included a large desk with two drawers, a sideboard, a tall bookcase, and some additional shelves. It may sound like a lot, but it’s always better to have more storage than you think you will need. Home offices can get messy pretty quickly, so you’ll be glad to have extra space to hide away the excess clutter.

Desk Chair

The most important piece in any home office will be the desk chair. Given how many hours you spend in it, it must be comfortable. You also want it to look good. In this home office I decided on the Wade office chair from Mobilia because not only did it suit the modern aesthetic I was going for, but it has the back support needed to keep whoever is using it comfortable for long stretches of time.  


Lighting is an important component of any home office. Like with any room, good overhead lighting is important, but make sure that you also have a good table lamp that provides proper task lighting. In an office this is really non-negotiable, as you need focused light in order see your work clearly. We already strain our eyes staring at screens most of the day. Don’t make it worse by limiting the lighting in your home office.


The last thing you want is a sterile environment that doesn’t suit the rest of your home, so opt for a colour that you love, whether it’s calming or energizing. Choose whatever will make you feel comfortable and at-ease. In this room I decided on a dark blue feature wall in order to create a calm but stimulating environment. 


When it comes to working from home, sound absorption is a pretty big deal. While solid surface flooring is always a good idea for increasing the value of your home, area rugs over top are a must. They add style, softness, warmth, and they also help to define a space. So if you’re trying to create an office out of a nook in another area of your home, a small rug can help make it feel separate from the rest of the room. Just make sure the pile isn’t too thick so that you can still move your chair with ease.

Walls & Décor

One of the most important things to remember is that a home office is not like some cubicle in a skyscraper. It is your home, and the style of the room should reflect that. Include some artwork, meaningful photos and accessories, or whatever else you need to make the office feel like part of your home.  Don’t limit yourself just because this is a workspace. You’ll be more productive in a room that brings you joy, so put in the extra effort to create an office that feels like home.

Furniture & Accessories courtesy of Mobilia. Items in these photos include NEGHAN DESK, SAREEN WOOD BUFFETNEGHAN WOOD BOOKCASE , ESORRA TABLE LAMP, WADE OFFICE CHAIR, ELMYRA AREA RUG

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