Investing in Curb Appeal with Windows and Doors

The exterior of your house has a massive impact on how potential buyers perceive its value. When I sold my house a few years ago I spent more time and money on fixing up the exterior than anything else. And you know what? It was worth every penny.

If you really want to invest in curb appeal pay close attention to where the exterior and interior of your home connect – the windows and doors. These can be costly projects, but when you look at what you can recoup in resale value, the price you pay upfront can be well worth it.

Steel Entry Door Replacement

For a long time, steel entry doors have been one of the safest bets for exterior updates. According to a recent Cost VS Value report, they have the best potential ROI of ANY home improvement project, with over 100%. Like anything, there are always a number of factors involved, but replacing steel entry doors is a pretty safe bet when it comes to recouping costs.

Fibreglass Entry Door Replacement

Following closely behind steel entry doors are fibreglass entry doors. They have all the same benefits, they’re just slightly more expensive due to the fact that they’re a little more durable. Ultimately they’re both great options, it just depends on your house and your needs.

Garage Door Replacement

Garages are more than just utilitarian. Their design is important to the overall look of your home. Upgrading an old door can significantly boost your curb appeal as well as increase energy savings (if attached to your home). It can also increase safety and security. Just be sure to choose a style that either matches or complements your home. If you do you can likely recoup around 90% of the cost, give or take.

Vinyl Window Replacement

New vinyl windows can make a significant impact to your home’s curb appeal, and the ROI over time can be great, particularly when you factor in energy savings. Vinyl is a popular material for windows largely due to its affordable price point and low maintenance requirements. It’s also durable and provides good moisture resistance, which is why I like it so much, and why I believe it to be a good investment.

Wood Window Replacement

Wood is an expensive but very good-looking option. Wood insulates relatively well, but it also expands and contracts in response to weather conditions. They tend to need replacing more frequently than vinyl, but if you choose to replace your old wood windows with new ones, you should be able to recoup at least three-quarters of the cost.

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