Kitchen Cabinet Colours – The Sky’s the Limit!

Now that home is our “everything” people are looking to make their spaces more personal and more comforting. Because of that, homeowners are no longer satisfied with cookie cutter designs that can be seen in every house on the street. They want character, personality, and yes – colour.

I’ve been keeping an eye on kitchen cabinet trends for a while, and there are some pretty exciting changes afoot. The main one is that people are moving away from the traditional neutrals of the last few decades and moving towards colours that better suit their homes and their personalities.  Kitchen cabinet companies like Wood Crest Cabinetry are creating custom colours for homeowners wanting a unique or specific look, and you know what? I’m 100% on board.

What About Neutrals?

Neutrals are still at the top when it comes to resale value. I haven’t changed my mind about that. White and grey will never go out of style, and the ability for new homeowners to add their own spin on a neutral kitchen will always be appealing, however, if you’re planning on staying put for a while there’s no reason not to branch out.

The two colours I’m seeing the most of, and two of my personal favourites, are blue and green. Navy blue has been popular for the last few years, thanks to its ability to work with just about any palette, and now dark green seems to be following the same path. I’m a big fan of both these colours because they work so well with so many colours and finishes. Given how easy they are to work with, using them in kitchens is not stepping too far outside the box.

Wood Crest Cabinet Colours – Base cabinets, Starless; Wall cabinets & Island, Driftwood

Add Some Personality

While varieties of blues and greens are the trendiest new colours, I’ve certainly seen some others growing in popularity in kitchen cabinetry.  Heritage reds and jewel tone greens have been popping up a lot, as have kitchens with cheerful yellow cabinets.  Although I’m in favour of having fun with these bright colours, remember that bold colours can go a long way, so use them thoughtfully. Sometimes an accent or feature area can do the trick. For example:

  • A bold kitchen island can be a great addition when set against a neutral backdrop.
  • Dark lowers and light uppers can make a room appear taller.
  • A bright, standalone pantry can be a great contrast to an otherwise monochromatic room.

Custom Colour Examples – Courtesy of MasterBrand Cabinets

Custom Colours

Kitchen cabinet companies have taken notice of these colour trends. Wood Crest,  available through Home Hardware stores, has introduced a custom colour program that allows you to choose any colour you want – no matter whether it’s light, dark, neutral or colourful.  I used it in a recent entryway storage project where I needed a very specific colour to match a tile floor. I opted for one of my personal favourites, “blue steel”.

Wood Crest Cabinetry – Custom Colour “Blue Steel”

Look to Nature

If you’re interested in branching out but aren’t confident about what colour palettes will work, try looking outside your window. Nature’s colour palettes are always pleasing to the eye, and can be a great source of design inspiration. For example, if a coastal atmosphere is appealing to you, consider soft blues, seafoam greens and sandy beiges.  If you love to spend time in the woods, dark green cabinets and wood floors might be for you. Or if you’re a fan of the rocky shores of the great lakes, try dark blue cabinets with stone grey accents – or vice versa. It’s hard to go wrong when you follow nature’s lead.

Wood Crest Cabinet Colours – Cabinets, Stillwater; Island, Frappe

No matter what kitchen cabinet colours you want to go with, make sure it’s something that appeals to you and works with the style and character of your home. I would still encourage homeowners to be cautious about how they use bright and bold colours, but ultimately, when it comes to kitchen cabinet colours, the sky’s the limit!

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Photos courtesy of Wood Crest Cabinetry & McGillivray Group

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