The Kitchen Layout Guide

The kitchen may be the workhorse of your home, but it doesn’t have to be used solely for cooking and cleaning. In fact, the kitchen is also often the heart of the home and it can become a busy and active hub shared between friends and family, especially when planned right.

When planning a kitchen you need to think of the main goals, which should be functionality, sufficient counter space, and a layout that fits your lifestyle. When planned with these things in mind the kitchen can, and should be, a pleasure to use.

Get the kitchen you want with these simple kitchen layout ideas:

Island Kitchen Layout

Installing an island can enhance a kitchen in charming ways by breaking up the space. An island is best integrated as a central hub, especially for people who are party planners at heart. Not only does it offer more counter space, but it also gives you the ability to cook and prep without turning your back towards your guests. If you’re a culinary whiz, consider installing a built-in cooktop to elevate your everyday cooking.

Cons: Doesn’t work in small or narrow kitchens.

Kitchen Layout Guide

U-shaped Kitchens

The U-shaped kitchen is a great option for larger families because of its spacious layout and multiple work spaces, better known as the ‘working triangle’, which consists of the cleaning space, the cooking space, and the storage space. The cleaning space is where the sink would be placed, the cooking zone is for food prep and ideally where the range/cooktop/oven would go, and the storage space consists of food storage solutions i.e. cupboards, pantries, fridge…etc. Each workspace should have its own zone but also be easily accessible from one to another, creating an efficient kitchen layout.

Cons: A large floor area can cause workspaces to be far apart.

L-shaped Kitchens

Interested in a free flowing kitchen? The L-shaped layout is a great choice. Many open concept homes utilize this exposed design for its relaxed feel and efficient ‘working triangle’. L-shaped kitchens utilize two walls within a corner, allowing for different entrances and exits. Due to its adaptable nature, a dining table can be incorporated into the design, making it a great kitchen for entertaining.

Cons: Not ideal for multiple cooks.

Kitchen Layout Guide

Galley Kitchens

Galley kitchens make great use of space and are best suited for smaller rooms. Because of their functional design with two parallel working spaces, they are the most common choice among chefs and restaurants. My personal tip for an inviting galley kitchen is keeping both ends of the space open for more natural light to enter.

Cons: No distinct space for guests to sit down.

Straight-Line Kitchens

The straight-line kitchen is ideal for compact and narrow spaces. The design is best suited for minimalists because of its simple layout and streamlined design. To double your prep space, include a dining table parallel to the kitchen.

Cons: Lack of storage space.

Kitchen Layout Guide

What’s your favorite kitchen layout? Leave a message in the comments below and let me know!


Photos courtesy of Frigidaire

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