One Bathroom Vanity, Three Looks

To get the most out of a piece of furniture you need it to be both functional and flexible. When popular styles and personal tastes change, you want to be able to adjust your decor to suit, without replacing everything. This is why I’ve always believed in keeping the major pieces in your house simple in style and neutral in color.

When I was designing my first piece for the SCOTT MCGILLIVRAY COLLECTION – the Lakeshore bathroom vanity – I wanted to make sure that it would fit today’s styles, but not be so trendy that it will look dated in a few years. So I experimented with a few subtly different looks to make sure it would stand the style test of time.

Easy Elegance

When it comes right down to it, the best look is always one that transcends time and trends. This easy, elegant look combines simple shapes with chrome hardware and fixtures to create a timeless look that will never go out of style. The soft square look of the hardware and faucet compliment both round and rectangular pieces, so if you want to change the mirror, sink or other accessories at a later date, you can do it with ease.

DVI Lighting Fixtures: DVP10553 HAIDA Shown in Chrome with Half Opal Glass, Taymor Faucet: Modern 2 handle in Polished Chrome, Taymor Bath Hardware : Spellbound in Polished Chrome, Berenson Cabinet Hardware: 4” Aspire Polished CHROME Pull – 9230-1026-P, Homesense: Décor/Linens, Torly’s Vinyl Plank Flooring: EW-25005 EverWood™ ELITE VALLEY SPRINGS

Hotel Chic

For people who like clean, minimalist looks, I paired the vanity with some sleek fixtures and hardware. Shape-wise, this look combines cylindrical forms, smooth curves, and linear detailing, while the satin nickel finish adds a modern edge and a bit of sophistication. For this look I also switched out the mirror for a more geometric shape which helps keep the look contemporary.

DVI Lighting Fixtures: Essex DVP9019 4″ Mini Pendant, Buffed Nickel with Half Opal Glass, Essex  DVP9013 Ceiling Mount, Buffed Nickel with Half Opal Glass, Taymor Faucet: Zurich Single Lav Faucet in Satin Nickel, Taymor Bath Hardware : Electra Bath Hardware in Satin Nickel, Cabinet Hardware: included with vanity, Homesense: Mirror and Décor/Linens, Walmart: Garbage Bin, Torly’s Vinyl Plank Flooring: EW-25005 EverWood™ ELITE VALLEY SPRINGS

Modern Farmhouse

In this look I opted for a matte black hardware and a faucet to match. I love this black because it really anchors the room and creates a distinctly modern, but warm appeal.  Modern farmhouse is the trend that keeps getting more popular, but if it ever dissipates you can make some minor adjustments and create a whole new look.

DVI Lighting Fixtures: DVP13221 OBERON 8″ Mini Pendant in MO Moch, Taymor Faucet: Modern Single Handle Lav in Matte Black, Taymor Bath Hardware: Allusion Bath Hardware in Matte Black, Berenson Cabinet Hardware: 96mm CC Matte Black Pull – 4074-1055-P, Homesense: Décor/Linens, Walmart: Garbage Bin, Renwil: Mirror, Torly’s Vinyl Plank Flooring: EW-25005 EverWood™ ELITE VALLEY SPRINGS, Shelf – DIY Project (Barnboard/Brackets – Home Depot)

When I designed this bathroom vanity I wanted it to come with a mirror and hardware in order to take the guesswork out of decorating your bathroom, but just because they’re there it doesn’t mean you can’t switch them out and change the look. Never be afraid to put your own spin on things and have a little fun.

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