Real Estate Debate: Scott vs Kevin

Investing in real estate is a complicated business that requires a lot of research and a lot of number crunching. That said, everyone can be successful if they do their due diligence and act with their head and not their heart. It’s why I’ve devoted my career to it and it’s why I started a company to teach others.

But not everyone agrees.

I recently debated the topic of real estate investing with entrepreneur and investor Kevin O’Leary, who most people know from the shows Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank. I have a lot of respect for the business Kevin has built, but when it comes to investing our views couldn’t be further apart.

You can watch the debate in it’s entirety on the Marilyn Dennis Show website, but if there’s one thing I want everyone to take out of this debate it’s to be frugal with your spending and generous with your investing. Even Kevin would agree with that.

Scott and Kevin




Photos courtesy of The Marilyn Dennis Show

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